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Could you Twilight fangirls PLEASE...?

stop comparing Twilight and Stephenie Meyer with Pride and Prejudice and Jane Austen? Please? I BEG of you. Compared to Austen, Meyer is nothing. If Meyer based Twilight off of P&P, then she completely missed the point of the story!

Needy, whiny Bella Swan is no Elizabeth Benet. Elizabeth Benet was witty and independent. She didn't go into a stink because there was no man in her life. She refused Darcy despite the fact that he was handsome and only accepted him once he corrected his horrid behavior.

Stalkerish, condescending, boring Edward Cullen is no Fitzwilliam Darcy. Darcy was a proud and insufferable man but because he loved and RESPECTED Elizabeth (respect being a word that Edward Cullen seems to have difficulty comprehending when it comes to Bella) enough to change himself and prove himself worthy of her love.

And it took the two of them a year to fall in love. It was much more realistic than the two months it took in Twilight.

Just because Meyer says they're alike, it doesn't mean that they are.


Oh, I read the books alright. All four of them. I was appalled. The writing was awful. Every sentance, every conversation, every relationship and every scenario was covuluted, messy and unrealistic.

I was even more disgusted when I heard Meyer based Edward and Bella's relationship off of Eliza's and Darcy's.


Update 2:

Correction; BELLA was willing to give everything up for Edward. What exactly did Edward give up for Bella? If Bella still turned him down, he would still have his money, his family and his immortality. That's another reason why I didn't like Twilight. Ed's selflessness was forced. I saw him more as bipolar than noble. Bella was so ready to throw away her human family and friends for a man. Her being able to keep everything doesn't overshadow how pathetic her actions were and how she did nothing to earn it. Everything was simply handed to her.

That's bad writing.

Update 3:

And by the way, there was NOTHING remotely romantic about Wuthering Heights. It was vengence, vengence and more vengence. Jesus Christ, I'm eighteen. I'm young, but that's no excuse to not read the classics.

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    Finally, I meet a person who can see through the faulty comparison. According to Meyer, she "based" (loosely...very loosely) Edward Cullen on Fitzwilliam Darcy and Edward Rochester (from Jane Eyre). Meyer totally missed the point of both Pride and Prejudice AND Jane Eyre. She only saw superficial connections.

    While it is true that all three of them are dark and brooding and that Rochester and Cullen share the same first name, that is basically it in terms of what they have in common.

    Darcy is such an arrogant character who changes himself out of LOVE. He eventually gets off his high horse because of Lizzy. Even though he is wealthy and powerful, he is humbled because of Ms. Bennet. His change represents true love. I love the character of Elizabeth Bennet. She is brilliant and can see through shallow things like beauty and wealth (as seen in her rejection of Darcy's first proposal). Clearly, she can survive out there on her own, without Darcy. Bella is the total opposite. You can even see in New Moon how disgustingly dependent she is on Edward Cullen. That isn't even realistic. Bella puts girls to shame...literally.

    Now, about the more obvious Edward Rochester. Let me start of by saying the obvious. Both Cullen and Rochester see themselves as monsters who don't deserve the women that each is with. Both are dark, brooding, passionate people who isolate themselves from society. Hell, their names are even the same; Meyer said herself that she named Edward Cullen because of Edward Rochester. Any idiot would be able to see these superficial connections. Unfortunately, Meyer does not see WHY Rochester is the way he is.


    Rochester has been through a lot. His father and older brother betrayed him for. The Mason and Rochester families pressured Edward into marrying the lunatic Bertha Mason. Then Bertha's real personality shows up and Edward is stuck in a loveless marriage. Edward has gone through several mistresses in the hope of finding a woman that he would love. He was even accused of fathering a child, Adele, with a French opera singer. Then 18 years later, he meets Jane Eyre, a strong independent woman (unlike our "precious" Bella") and falls for her, despite his crazy wife and promiscuous background. Given these circumstances, OF COURSE Rochester is going to be dark, brooding, passionate, etc. Edward Cullen can't compete with that...he has no real reason (unlike Rochester) to be the way he is, excepting that he is a vampire.

    The most important part of this distinction is the ending. In the end, Edward Rochester DOES end up with Jane Eyre, but not without a price. A fire set by his crazy wife burns his estate (Jane fled from Rochester earlier). While Bertha ends up dead, Rochester is left blind and crippled (he loses an arm). This forces Rochester to reexamine his attitude towards women and life in general. He has lost EVERYTHING. Jane is now the partner in power. Unlike Edward Cullen, Rochester changes himself, respects Jane, gives her more power, yet retains his old personality. Edward Cullen does nothing of the sort.

    Now, Jane and Bella. There is a key difference here. Once Jane learns that Rochester is already married and that Edward Rochester is attempting to make Jane his mistress, Jane musters up the courage and determination to leave him, despite her wild love for him. Bella, as seen in the entire series, can never leave Edward Cullen no matter what he does.


    In short, you aren't the only girl (I'm 17) who loves classics and despises the Twilight craze. I mean, I read the books, and tried to look for what everybody was crazy about. Granted, I liked the first book (in terms of entertainment, it has ZERO literary value), Twilight, before the craze started. I mean, I was able to see something in Cullen despite Bella's "he's so perfect" refrain. It was the second book and the following craze that turned me away. I read the rest of the series and I was appalled...I have a sucky vocabulary, but I could take those same characters and write a better story than Meyer could ever dream of writing. Well, Meyer IS a genius; she managed to make a ton of money worldwide. But, she's up on her high horse if she DARE compare herself to the classic authors. Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters would pwn her anyday.


    ~Zara Sahana


    Bella, Nikki, and Tora-

    I did read all four of the books. In fact, I honestly liked the first book, Twilight, and I liked Edward Cullen to some degree, until the crazy Twilight fangirls came and ruined it for me. The production of the latter three books, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, did not do much. Admit it. In New Moon, Bella's dependence of Edward Cullen is rather disgusting (Oh...I'm desperate and can't live without a man beside me...note the sarcasm). Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are overly cliche and ruined the only decent character with some depth, Jacob Black. As far as I could see, Jacob was the only character with some kind of inner turmoil. He grows throughout the first two books, and then is ruined in the last two. Cut me some slack. I gave this series a fair shot to impress me and they failed, miserably.

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    At times, Haters can be just as bad as Fangirls, but that's only in the case of the hardcore hatred or hardcore fangirling. Just like there are Twilight fans who like the series but don't go to extremes for it, there are people who don't like Twilight, say it, and are done with it. It all depends on the person. It's not really worth getting so worked up about (this is rich, coming from me), but Twilight's the big, popular fad right now. Everything popular has its vehement fans and vocal haters. That's just how it's always been.

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    Nice. I applaud you.

    I'm actually losing hope for our generation. If this is what most people deem to be good literature, then good God, kill me now. Stephenie herself compared Edward to the likes of Edward Rochester. What a cow. The only thing Edward Cullen and Edward Rochester have in common is their first name.

    I've seen people here compare the pretentious twit to Emily Bronte, Shakespeare and many more. Oh, yes, also Jane Austen. That was really appalling. Stephenie can't even reach the standards of J.K. Rowling. A 12-year-old could beat that bloody fool's way of writing.

    I agree with everything you said. Bella is a whiny, needy, weak-willed child with no hopes and dreams besides being with Edward.

    Edward doesn't give a damn about respect. If my boyfriend treated me the way Edward treated Bella, I would kick his a*s right up his shoulder blades.

    Bella - It just shows that Stephenie ripped off a LOT of ideas from Wuthering Heights. Even so, Twilight made no connection with Wuthering Heights and is just a lame piece of trash.

    Nikki - She has read the books, and proves that she has a lot more sense than you.

    Tora - Oh, please. Stop being blind and grow up.

    Why So Serious? [Epiphany] - It makes me proud to be one of your contacts. :)


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    While I may not enjoy Jane Austen, I give her all the respect as any great writer deserves, something I cannot say of Meyer. Austen has endured the test of time through her impeccably written characters and fresh outlook on romance. Meyer is but a flash in the pan that, once the hype dies down, will be written off from the literary world.


    Do not report Saltflakes, she will just receive the twilight martyrdom she clearly wants to sway so many other fangirls to her pitiful cause.

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    Way to go girl! I read 3/4 of Twilight and have the 4th too but cannot bring myself to read it! I got so angry with it! I have never reacted to any book with anger!

    Young people today can't see to the end of their nose and have no respect for other people's views.

    I love both the classics and will read YA books too for fun, most I enjoy but I just could not enjoy Meyer's books.

    I am a adult was married at 18 and have been married for 30 years. I certainly could not have married a person like Edward Cullen! Too possesive and abusive for me! He would find a stake through his heart!

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    I've never actually seen a Twilight fan compare it to Jane Austen. Wait, I take that back. A few days ago, a girl told me she thinks Twilight is just as good as Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters (I nearly had a heart attack. It makes me seriously afraid for my generation that they think Twilight actually compares with literary masterpieces. It just goes to show how utterly stupid the American culture is becoming).

    If anything, Stephenie Meyer is the one comparing Stephenie Meyer's work to Jane Austen. Go figure. I think that in some point in time, she's compared Edward to Heathcliff, Rhett, Rochester, Romeo, and Darcy. *cringes*. It makes an author look horribly pretentious to compare their work to beloved classics, IMO.

    The only one she had right was Romeo-- both Romeo and Edward are useless pretty boys.

    Source(s): Nikki-- She's obviously read the books. I don't understand Twilight fangurl logic. If someone says something bad about the series, you guys say, "Don't bash the books unless you've read them!". If you find out they've read them all and are bashing them anyways, you turn right around and say, "Well, if you didn't like them, why did you read them?". *face palms* Bella-- I've read Wuthering Heights 5 times. It's my favorite novel. I fail to see any sort of connection between Twilight and Wuthering Heights. Tora covered-- A guy who breaks your car, kidnaps you, breaks into your house without your knowledge or your father's knowledge, does things with you behind your parent's back, and keeps you from your friends doesn't respect you, your personal space, or your family. A guy who respects you doesn't try to force you into submission with his will be taking your own free will away, which Edward does to Bella multiple times (and the worst part is that she doesn't have the self respect to stop it). That kind of behavior is abusive and disrespectful. LAS-- Thank you. I love you too.
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    Okay okay okay.

    No flame wars please, guys, lets be adults, [[bahaha, i'm 13, I just hear my mom say that a lot x]]

    Everyone has there opion, and no matter how much you fight it, people will be crazily in love with books, or hate them.

    Stephine Myer said she got the IDEA from there, she never compared it to that.

    And seriously, I ahevnt heard any of the twilighters compare it to that. For starters, most of them [[us, haha]] have not read Jane Austin, so I doubt they compare them.


    Most twilighters are 13-16 so we are young. Most people arent reading classic literature at that age, now are they?

    You have you own opion, so did Nikki, and so do I.

    Now, we will probably not agree, but I dont think we should be bashing books on the web, beacuse I think that both of these writers are very talented [[dont get mad that i am "comparing" them, haha]]

    They both have a their own styles.

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    to nikki

    and that other twitart

    yes i have read the book, all four of them, risking the lunch i had eaten just hours before it and i can tell you: Bella is very needy not to mention whiny.

    I'd like to elaborate my point with this:

    how much ink do you think was wasted on this monotonous unstructured jump pf thoughts all with the basic ideas of: "crap i'm an ugly ivory-skinned chick and i wish i was prettier and fitted it" which just had to be repeated, dragged on and constantly reworded into 5 pages.

    seriously pick up a real book.

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    my god, you girls have really gone crazy

    i mean, great you love the book, but if you really love it then shut up and love it wholeheartedly alone

    you don't have to spit out poison at us, seriously, do you think that would make us love twilight and see your view??

    and you *Tora-covered in SALT FLAKES!*, i saw your reply in another twilight related question.. would u stop telling us to report you in?? it sounds as if you're scared of it so you're just rubbing it into our faces more.. stop please, it's a really sad thing to watch

    and amen to twilight and pride and prejudice differences

    i think stephenie meyer has great ideas but not a great hand at WRITING .. she writes like the dude who writes goosebumps

    plus i love pride and prejudice so stop saying bad stuff about it

    and YES YES YES BELLA IS SO WHINY!!!!!!! she's like always whining about her bad life and putting it all on poor jacob and leaving him when she's feelin better

    i love twilight too so don't you play mean to ME

    i'm just saying you can love twilight and not love everything about it

    so sheesh ppl relax and shut up

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