Cities in new zealand.. Help?

If someone lives in Kelson, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand..

Which of those is the city, province, etc?

Obviously New Zealand is the country, and Ive heard Wellington would be called the region?

Someone explain this to me.. I dont understand how this works.

I live in Belleville, (City), Ontario, (Province), Canada (Country)


So is there two cities?

I dont understand fully..

I have to put Wellington and Kelson on stuff when I mail it, yet they are both called cities..

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    Hi...yes, living in New Zealand, though not Wellington. Heres how it goes....Wellington is the city, but Kelston is a suburb (small area within a city) in the city of Lower Hutt. Lower Hutt is a city which is, by the way, very close to Wellington. ......Oh, I see, well Lower Hutt IS a city and Wellington IS a city but as I understand is also a region! I found a peice on Wikapedia that should help you. I suppose I should know all this as a NZer...but there is always something extra to learn!!! Here it is..Lower Hutt (Māori: Awakairangi) is a city in the Wellington region of New Zealand. Its council has adopted the name Hutt City Council, but neither the New Zealand Geographic Board nor the Local Government Act recognise the name Hutt City. This alternative name can lead to confusion, as there are two cities in the Hutt Valley, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt. The Upper Hutt City Council objects to the name of Hutt City. The former Hutt County included much of the area of both Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt.

    Lower Hutt is in the Wellington Region. It is the tenth largest city in New Zealand in population, and covers an area of 376.74 km².

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    What I would suggest you do is to go to New Zealand Post's website and look at their postcode finder. I know you haven't asked about a postcode but beside actually giving you the postcode it displays the address on a mock label so that you know how to address the label.

    For what it is worth, when addressing a letter/package to Kelson it would be laid out this way

    12345 Test Avenue


    Lower Hutt 50XX (probably 5010, 5011, 5018,5019)


    Regarding the use of Wellington - while we have a city of Wellington, w e also have the greater Wellington Region. Within the greater Wellington region (basically a regional council) the cities of Wellington City, Hutt City, Upper Hutt, Porirua etc fall into this category. It makes NO DIFFERENCE for you when sending your items to Kelson. To smaller areas it can make a bit of a difference. But not to somewhere in Lower Hutt.

    I am not sure if you are familiar with the area at all, but most of the mail for the region is sorted in Lower Hutt. The suburb of Kelson is pretty much on the hill next to the mail sort centre!

    So you know

    Kelson - suburb of Lower Hutt (its council is called Hutt City)

    Lower Hutt is also known for various council reasons as Hutt City. This is the city.

    Wellington is simply the region it is in. But doesn't make a difference in respect of your question.

    Source(s): (NZ Posts main site) (NZ posts postcode finder) I live in Wellington City. I am friends with someone who lives in Kelson.
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    Maybe it will help if you understand how the Post Office sorts mail.

    For countries that have zip/post codes - it's pretty simple. For example, 15202 is Pittsburgh (USA) - more specifically, it is Bellevue (a "suburb" of The Burgh). America also has an additional four digits on their zip codes - but most people don't use them. The last four digits are actually a grid reference; identifying which major streets the address lays between.

    New Zealand has tried to introduce a postal coding system - but being such a small country, it's never really taken off. So New Zealand defers to the standard system used before postal coding systems came into force - which is, you read the address backwards.

    So in this case:

    Kelson, Lower Hutt



    Obviously, the last line identifies the country. The Post Office then reads the next line up, which identifies Wellington (the capital of New Zealand - in the North Island). From there, the Post Office identifies Lower Hutt (both a "city" [in its own right] and a "region" north-east of greater Wellington), and finally Kelson, which is a "suburb" of Lower Hutt.

    Basically (to answer your question), New Zealand doesn't have "states" or "provinces"; which is why the address is written the way it is.

    Hope that helped.

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    Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargil, Palmerston North, Taupo, Gisbourne, Napier, Queenstown, Picton, just to name a few

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