Halloween Costumes!!!?

K, obviously theres going to be a lot of these questions.. But My friend is throwing a MASSIVE halloween party this weekend and theres going to be a costume contest.. Theres someone there that I've been trying to get a date with for a while so I wanted to surprise him with my 'wit' and creativity and come up with something completely different and unique because he's totally into that.. And I don't just want to go out and get a slutty nurse/cop/maid/etc costume.. I want something new and different.. But at the same time I don't want it to be gross, I do want to look cute for him of course.. Anyways, if anyone has cool ideas or things that they've done previously, that would be awesomeeeee.. Thanxx!!

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    Well, this is an oldie but a goodie....a witch...it's always my old stand-by when I can't think of anything else to be...it's a great costume because you can either be a spooky, creepy witch or a sexy, vixen-ish witch! All you really need is some kind of black frock...a store bought or thrift store find black dress of some sort and a witch's hat...throw in some great black boots and possibly some stockings...and voila! A perfect witch costume!

    This year, I am going as Sarah Palin...just because I thought it'd be fun to be her...like Tina Fey has been doing on SNL (Saturday Night Live) I am going to my local thrift store to find my key pieces: black skirt and a red shirt or jacket. Then I have this American flag pin that I will wear with it, along with some red or black high heels and Palin's signature up-do. It's funny and it's popular right now, so most people will know exactly who you are...and think it's pretty funny.

    Another thing I thought would be cool to be one year is Miss Scarlet from the Clue Game...I was thinking just to find some really pretty scarlet evening gown and curl my hair and do my makeup really glamorous and find some fake fur for a wrap...Michael's craft store has fake fur to make wraps out of...and one of those cigerette holders (I think Party City sells them along with the gangster/flapper stuff...you know that long cigarette holder) and there ya go...instant Miss Scarlet...also...you can carry around some kind of weapon from the game...like a rope or candlestick...this will help drive home the point of who you are...

    Ok...one more...Corpse Bride...this is another possibility for my costume this year...if I don't want to be Sarah Palin...I have seen some girls do this one and it turns out great!! You gotta go on a thrift store hunt again...sorry...for bridal gowns...my local thrift store always has tons of 'em! Then you gotta find a veil of some sort...or make your own, by buying a little bit of tulle (pronounced Tool), then find some kind of blue body/facepaint...as she is a corpse...lol...just things like that...you can come up with your own variation of the costume...just google "Corpse Bride" and you'll get tons of ideas and pictures to help you figure it all out!!

    I hope this has helped a little bit!! Good luck with you costume and your guy!! Have a Happy Halloween!!

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    right this is a few suggestions: bo-peep a fairy a marionette doll (with the purple circle cheeks, curled hair, a flouncy gown, vivid eyelashes and strings linked of direction) a facebook/myspace internet site (use cardboard) somebody from a definite term 50s,60s,70s,80s(very exciting!) or from medieval/rennaissance frequently uncomplicated fictional charachter or a fairytale character-Rapunzel, etc. This one is incredibly cheesy yet one among you need to string small ceral packing containers on a chew of rope then stick forks by way of the packing containers and positioned on it around your neck (for this reason THE CEREAL Killer)get it?? Yeah that one may well be to "homosexual" for you (on condition that 13yr olds who do matching costumes are) yet its basically a guidance.

  • I think what really would work is a minion from despicable me? They are going to be a big hit this year! If you want to be a little more unique make it a purple minion.

    The great idea about this is if you want to go as a group there are so many other characters - or you go go as a group of minions!

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    This site says some of these costumes are tragedies, but I think some of them are pretty clever! & you could totally make some of these pretty sexy/memorable. Imagine if you went as a koolaid girl and showed up in body paint and pasties! http://www.viralbistro.com/worst-halloween-costume...

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    Be Ray Rice you'll be so famous cuz of that....

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