Will Michelle Obama be the next US Senator from Illinois?

Does anyone in Illinois have a sense who will be appointed to replace Barack Obama (if he is elected President) in the Senate? Since I am from New England I do not know who Governor Blagojevich would appoint. I've also heard that some in Illinois want to impeach him for some reason(s) so maybe he would not be the Governor. Could Michelle Obama be appointed to the US Senate? If so, would Hillary be jealous or upset? Could Michelle Obama then be considered as a future Presidential prospect?

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    Good point - it would actually be up to Blagojevich to decide, according to the US Constitution. In all likelihood, it would be a call from higher up - Pelosi or Dean would nominate someone like Rahm Emmanuel in Obama's Senate seat. It could also be a pick by Daley, who might pick old buddy Mike Madigan, since Blago owes his career to Daley.

    The appointment would only be for the duration of Obama's term (which expires in 2010). Since he has not announced that he would vacate his seat, it's assumed that he would resume it if McCain wins the election. It should be noted that Joe Biden is running for both the Vice Presidency and for his currently-held Senate seat in Delaware. Thus both candidates are showing some form of job insurance.

    It would be a tough appointment for Blagojevich to make - he's not exactly popular. He has been soundly derided for his lousy management of the State of Illinois, particularly in fiscal matters. I have a cousin in Chicago who is a CPA with the State and said that people at work were taking bets on when the State would become bankrupt. That Republicans have been unable to unseat him speaks more to the party's weakness in Illinois than to any strength of Blagojevich's.

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    Whoa! You have gotten way ahead of yourself. She has two young children at home to raise. Remember, many thought Sarah Palin could not be in a government position of federal ranking and possibly be a mom. I am just saying, "What is good for the goose is good for the gander." I am being facetious. But if it is said of Sarah, it needs to be said of Michelle. Fair is fair. I do not think being a US Senator, IF Obama becomes President, would happen because she will be busy enough with First Lady obligations and such. It could also be called nepotism. I do not know that there is any law prohibiting it, though. We should check.

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    Maybe Michelle Obama will try to replicate Hillary Clinton's approach. She be Barack's first lady during his term and then run for office after he leaves the White House.

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    yes she'll try. if she can. but there might be to much hatred from obama running a campaign instead of being a senator. shed rather be 1st lady.

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    He says he's yet thats nonetheless a high-quality procedures away. i does no longer vote for him because i do no longer trust a number of the stances he takes and topics he believes in, although I do comprehend him a great deal.

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    Senators don't get to "appoint" their replacement.

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