XP stop error, how do I access my hard drive,help please!?

I know this is a bit long but please read.

I have a stop error ever since shutting my comp down because of a storm. When I reboot I boot to the same blue screen with the Stop error. I cannot run CHKDSK /F because if I try to select the option safe mode or to go to command prompt I always end up at the blue screen.

I was able to hit F12 and run a diagnostics and I am getting 3 drive read errors.

Thing is when I ordered my Dell I had to pay a separate amount for disks so I opted not to buy the disks so the only option I had to recover was the system restore, I cannot access this. I called Dell and they are shipping me the disks for free, hurrah!!

But, and here is the but... like many I did not back up any photos or documents on my hard drive, I know I am a big silly huh hum.

Please can anyone help me with any way I can possibly get to my photos and documents,this is all i care about.

My disks will be here in 2-3 bus days. I have ordered a new hard drive and it will be here on november 5th. Is there any way I can set up my other hard drive as slave and access my photos..oh so many photos...yes I have kicked myself very hard. I should know better. My daughter also has been working on a project which she needs ASAP as well.

Are there any other ways of getting to my data??

Thank you so much in advance.

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    there is a simple way of running chkdsk on your machine and that is through the windows XP Setup cd, run the system recovery console and do a chkdisk on the windows installation that has been corrupted, you will need your administrator account password.

    that should do the trick as it has happened to me before and the first thing i would do if i can't goto safemode to schedule a chkdsk would be to use the recovery console in the setup disk..

    you'll have to boot the machine using the cd.

    and on the other hand if that doesn't work..you can simply install that drive as a slave and install windows on your new disk when you get it..and then access the files in the older disk as you would any other time.

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    Wow - this could be one in each of those existence instructions. right here is what i could do. First - we could call the partition you will discover part1 and the only you do no longer see part2. On area 2 in the XP load reveal off the CD, you could create a partition and setting up XP on that. Then, once you do finally arise, get into area a million, get the ideas off with a thumb, and start up over with that area a million. it fairly is the least complicated factor. you could desire to locate which you would be able to uninstall the XP OS from area a million yet once you could no longer i could advise pulling down area a million after the ideas is off of it and then redoing the completed stress or on the least area a million (flatten it and rebuild it). If it fairly is slightly too dramatic, then you definately'll could make the prevailing partition a familiar partition. I published a KB article from Microsoft to help. If that doesn't artwork, then i'm particular Dell gave you a "restart" disk, which would be large dramatic, whether it is all it fairly is left till you have yet otherwise to slave the no longer effortless stress to get the ideas off. The Geek Squad or your organization's IT adult males might desire to be able to help. And, next time use partition magic. :-)

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    Yeah if you slave it you should be able to recover most if not all of the data it will depend on where and how big the errors on the disc are

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    Could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software. This problem can be solved by uninstalling new software, updating device drivers and making minor configuration changes . From http://fixit.in/bluescreenofdeath.html . You can also run a free registry scan using utilities from http://re7.info/

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    it is the problem with the hard drive, it has crashed. you may try to connect it as slave. chances are there i will work :)

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