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Who do you think is more racist?

Barak Obama or Al Sharpton? Or how about Spike Lee or O.J Simpson?


I think Obama should get extra points for his "typical white person" comment.

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    Obama: For a well skilled motivational public speaker to embrace and zero in on a brazen RACIST Black voter demographic, saying exactly what they want to hear----you HAVE to be equally RACIST if you're to have any chance of connecting with that audience. Obama has on-target done just that.

    With his close ( but well covered up ) ties to Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee AND "New" Black Panther Party leader, Zulu Shabazz----it's evident that Obama indeed harbors well hidden RACIST personal views and feelings. And given the $upport these black racial antagonists have poured into Obama's campaign---it's well assured these people WILL expect Obama to use his Presidential executorial privileges for their RACIST agendas.

    Al Sharpton: For over 20 years, Sharpton has made a career of being a brazen racial antagonist--one who is addicted to fame's limelight. Sharpton was part of a team of black racists who made up the Tawana Brawley rape case---alleging the black 15 year old girl was brutally raped and beaten by rouge white police officers. The faked story nearly caused race rioting in it's wake. It took a sharp black TV news investigative reporter to uncover evidence Sharpton made the whole story up and Team Sharpton scurried off apart faster than cockroaches when they were exposed.

    Sharpton faded for 18 years in a sort of limbo---until recently emerging back into public view, speaking out efforts to justify the brutal attack by six black racist black high school students on a white student in Jena, Louisiana. Sharpton clearly is RACIST towards whites---and has made a career out of it.

    Spike Lee: Highly acclaimed ( some say "over-hyped" ) black film director who uses the art as an outlet for his prevalent RACISM towards whites.

    O.J. Simpson: RACIST black men do NOT like their white women leaving them for white men---it's the ultimate insult. Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson both found this out by losing their lives by Simpson's murderous hands.

    Zulu Shabazz, "New" Black Panther Party leader---- close friend and major campaign $upporter of Barrack Obama. There's NOTHING new about the Black Panthers---and to this day, the infamous group carries bottled up RACIST rage towards whites.

    Louis Farrahakan, United States black Islamic leader----also a close Obama ally and campaign $upporter. Farrahakan's Islamic ranks show up for TV cameras in massive numbers---attired in sharp para-military garb, a useful means of intimadation. Many say Farrakhan's legions stand ready to assist the Black Panthers, if needed.

    If you give a favor of money to a Presidential candidate who wins the job---what do those campaign $upporters want in turn??? I'd be thinking about that NOW before you vote; Obama's voters surely have already.

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    Sharpton/Lee in a tie; Obama/Simpson in a tie.

    Sharpton is a race-baiter who has made himself rich on the suffering of the people he claims to speak for.

    Lee is simply a black man from the inner city who is still living - in his mind - in the racially tense neighborhood he grew up in.

    Obama is using the race issue to promote a socialist agenda.

    Simpson is really too stupid, don't you think - to be included in this discussion.

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    Wow. This is definitely serious. People just presume that your profile picture is supposed to to look similar to you. I know exactly how you feel. My problem is vice versa, I use white profile pictures usually but I'm actually black. They're either using simple sense and are not considering this option or are randomly guessing.

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    Al Sharpton is the worst!

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    I don't know about racist, but O.J. Simpson is a cocky murder who finally got what he deserved.

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    sharoton, obama lee, simpson. in that order.

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    McCain supporters and the GOP are the most racist.

    Remember the crazy lady at the McCain rally!

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    None of them.. hate and lies is not the answer. Satan is a loser, don't play on his team..

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    E. They're all bigots and racists.

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