What is the Noun for Inferior?

I need it very badly. If you need an example, here it is



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    'Inferior' as an adjective has two nouns associated with it.

    An 'inferior' is someone or something of lower status or value than something/someone else. "He is my inferior."

    'Inferiority' is the state of being inferior. "His inferiority is what separates us."

    The same applies to 'superior' and 'superiority'.

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    The noun is the same as the adjective (i.e. an inferior person is an inferior).


    10. a person inferior to another or others, as in rank or merit.

    11. Also called subscript. Printing. a letter, number, or symbol written or printed low on a line of text. Compare superior (def. 12).

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    I'm pretty sure you have to pair that word with a noun. I don't think "inferior" is a noun in any sense of the word. If anything it should be used as an adjective (when paired with a noun) or a verb since "inferior" is a type of action or behavior.

  • Inferiority.

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    inferior itself is also a noun

    but inferiority will work too

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    I think in this case, inferior could be the noun too.

    If you don't like that, there's always these:






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    inferior adjective

    inferiority noun

  • i wanna say inferiority?

    because of an inferiority complex.

    yeah pretty sure it's inferiority.

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