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Tips on Travelling to Ecuador! Please Help!?

Hi, Im travelling to Ecuador in January to volunteer for 2 weeks, I have never been out of The US or Canada, If you have been or can give me some great advice I would really appreciate it! Should I be nervous at all? 10 points to best answer! Thanks :)

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    I went to Ecuador last October for 6 weeks bird watching. There are some things about Ecuador you need to be aware of. Ecuador is a relatively poor country. What that means to you as a traveler is that you need to be very careful about your luggage because if you take your hand off of it for more than 3 seconds it is likely to wind up missing. The temptation is just too great for the people there to avoid. Another thing to be aware of is to not wander about at night in the large cities such as Quito. After dark in Quito the streets become deserted for the most part for good reason.

    Ecuador uses U S dollars but they will not accept $100 bills and are not too fond of $50 bills either. A wad of $20 bills is a pretty large wad of money to drag along. Take just sufficient $50 bills so that your wad is not too large and keep your money is a safe place. Also be aware that almost no one will have change for a $20, so you will also need $1s, and $5s too. Muggings at night in Quito and Quayaquil are more than common.

    January in the tropics is the wet season. You did not say exactly where you would be located. At higher elevations it can get really cool, even in Quito. You do not need to take a lot of clothes. The laundry service is excellent everywhere and inexpensive. Less than a dollar for everything.

    If you are going to be in the tropics, do not walk outside at night except in towns, not in the countryside because of the fer de lance snakes. They hunt at night. They are only at lower elevations. Bugs are not bad there except in the tropics. If you will be in the tropics, be sure to take some mosquito repellent with you.

    Either drink only bottled water or take water purification tablets with you. Bottled water is about the same price as here in the states. The tablets are a less expensive alternative. While I was there my preferred beverage was the local beer. It is very good.

    English is not spoken at all in Ecuador or almost not at all. Is someone going to meet you at the airport?

    People in Ecuador are friendly. If you can learn a few words of Spanish they will be even more friendly. ¿Como estás?

    One good thing to know is that in almost every city-town there are internet sites and places to make overseas telephone calls for unbelievably cheap rates, like 8 cents a minute to the U S for telephone and 75 cents an hour for internet including use of computer. Almost everyone carries a thumb drive around with them and uses the computers at the internet sites.

    It might be a good idea for you to go to and order Lonely Planet guide to Ecuador. Even if you are not going to need a travel guide, it has a lot of information about Ecuador.

    If you are going to be in the tropics, you will see beautiful giant blue butterflys called blue morphs and many others besides. I need not mention that Ecuador has more than 1000 different birds. My favorite is the Paradise Tanager--green and blue and red and black. They are only in the Amazon basin and on the west slope. Common near Loja.

    Once you get to Ecuador you may not want to come back here. It is a beautiful country.

    Oh! one thing I forgot to tell you. If you have a bank debit card, some of the bank machines in Eucador will accept them and the fee is only about $1.50 per transaction. But not all the bank machines.

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    Ecuador is an amazing country. It offers a variety of great things to do and places to see. Yes there is poverty and you do have to exercise caution, as with living in any big city. Initially we were quite nervous too, especially since we didn't speak much Spanish. After living here for sometime now, we for the most part feel relatively safe.

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    Ecuador has an incredible form of issues to work out and do. you would be wanting lots to do and superb issues to work out. for many human beings the only down ingredient to vacationing in Ecuador is ability well being issues. you would be careful with what you devour and drink. Bottled water is a could. Plus as reported in different replies you could could take care of altitude affliction at an identical time as in the mountains. Sunscreen and insect repellent are a could! As to Spanish the main difference you could word is that Ecuadorian Spanish is specifically mixed with Quichua words. and that they have sayings unique to their united states as you could locate everywhere you bypass. in the experience that your Spanish is constrained get a Latin American word e book (no longer Spain or Mexican Spanish; there are huge transformations). the cyber web website under is going into extra information...

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