RAM for Dell 5150 can I mix?

I have a dell 5150 and it came with the following

1GB Dual channel DDR SDRAM at 533MHz (2 x 512M).

I want to order 2 sticks of 1GB DRAM DDR ll SDRAM 533MHz (PC2-4200)

Now giving me 3GB RAM.

What is the difference between DDR and DDR ll? Will all the memory be recognized?



Forgot to mention can I mix the 2 X 512M memory sticks with the two 1GB sticks

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    Go to the following link, http://www.crucial.com/ they can do an on line check which will determine which ram your motherboard supports. They will recommend the optimum amount. You can order on line and although they are not the cheapest it is worth paying for good ram. They guarantee compatibility with your motherboard and give an excellent warranty.They also give fitting instructions. I have used them many times and always been satisfied. Hope this helps.

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    You need to find out first how many sticks you can put in your laptop. It might be only 2 slots at all with one available. Looks like you have 2 slots used already so you will actually have to replace them. It's always best to install same amount of memory sticks so if the dual channel is available it will work with it. For ex. if you have dual channel with two slots you will have to use 2 x 2 gb ram in order to make it dual. Oh by the way, your computer has DDR2 already so it will be the same ram. DDR2 is faster tho

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    you could desire to be able to as long because it is like minded. The 5150 makes use of DDR2-533. in the experience that your older pc makes use of a slower DDR2 it is going to down-clock your swifter ram to make it like minded, that's undesirable. possibilities are high it won't artwork if it is extra effective than a pair years previous. it is going to in all probability be DDR ram or possibly even SDRAM

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    1 decade ago

    Nope, U can't mix DDR & DDRII. Furthermore U can't use DDRII on a computer designed for DDR and vice-versa.

    You can mix 512MB sticks with 1GB sticks as long as they are both DDR, for computers designed for DDR, or DDRII for computers designed for DDRII.

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    you can mix different sizes, but not different types. plus its not common that you have 3 slots for memory. Run the scanner at www.crucial.com to make sure you get what you need.../

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    ram should b the same.

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