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Twilight Movie: Which Actors/Actresses do you dislike?

I utterly hate Kristen she has no acting talent, I saw most of her movies. This is just my opinion. All the actors/actresses are exactly how i pictured them to be. As for Edward, well I think no one should hate Rob because there will never ever be a perfect Edward right? I hate rob as a person but he makes a great edward! I thought that Aaron Johnson should be Edward but has to much of a British Accent=P

My Personal Fav Actors/tresses

Rosalie-Nikki Reed

Alice-Ashley Greene

Emmet-Kellan Lutz

The guy that plays Mike Newton

James-Cam Gigadet

Jacob-Taylor Lautner

I think Cam Gigadet is sexier than Robb, & robb is hotter than cam

you get what im saying???

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    I hear ya sista. I HATE KRISTEN STEWART. She's got this god-like figure infront of her, madly inlove, yet she show's no expression in both her face and voice. It's like watching a paperclip act.. no emotion, no nothing. As for the other characters, I'm thinking they're going to be great. EXCEPT for Taylor Launter. He still looks like a little disney-tanned-typical boy. I don't know, but again, my opinion. Either way I'm still excited for the movie. 21 more days!

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    I think they did a MIGHTY fine job on Alice.She's perfect! Bella- Shes pretty good. except her voice is very dull Edward- Will we ever find a real life edward, honestly?? Emmett and Jasper- Both perfect! Rosalie- Not so much 'the prettiest girl in the world' but allright Same Uley- Not so much ...he was so different in my head! and he was too similar to Embry! However I think they did a pretty fair job!

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    If you want my honest opinion, I really don't like any of them. Except James. He's gorgeous. But yeah, none of them look the way I pictured them at all. I liked Rob better as Cedric.


    I'm very worried about the movie, because it looks like it's really gonna mutilate the book.


    I'm very disappointed with the cast.

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    edward is freakin sexxxyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! lol

    he is ma favorite, n jacob 2. i dont like kirsten because she is 2 bla.. in da 1st book, she has a bright personality n is very clumsy n emotional. kirsten is 2 plain...

    PS da guy playing james is freakin hot too!! love his hair

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    rob, nikki, ashley, kellan, jackson, taylor, peter, and elizabeth are wonderful me thinks...and the only one i dislike is rachelle lefevre....

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