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What should i do with this family?

first of all to clear everything up im not arabic and i dont belong to arabs

i have been bullied in my intermediate school to death

an no one saved me that time

and in high school i have changed my school cuz my father changed his work to another city

I have been bullied again this time and I did nothing cuz i was scared of fighting and facing the guys (bullies) who ruined my life.

my last year in high school senior student I have changed 180 percent from a weak guy to a strong guy and i fought with these guys i cant tell you how was my first feeling of liberating

month later a traitor with his friends from my back attacked me and they torn my shirt that was completely coward move.

I told my parents before that happened to change my school they refused and i told them to change my intermediate school they refused

i dont know why

they told me they dont want me to be a quitter they want me to be a fighter..

I graduated from high school and now im at a university

and the guys who made me a joke and mocked me i found 2 of them here

i fought with one and i left the another one

and the one i fought with its all again but with no calling names but i started to feel no good as i used in my high school before

Shouldn't i take my rights before in the intermediate school and not to postpone it until now?

Why do i hate my parents?

when something happens to any of my brothers they rush like a warriors and they want to protect them (thats good) but me they abandonded me and they didnt ask for me and they didnt change my school before ( changing school is so easy its not that colossoal disaster)

why did they do that to me?

I am so worried i dont want the names in my intermediate school to spread agian here and i dont want to live in hoplelessness

what should i do?

I really need your advice try to make it helpful....

With all respect....

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    your at school to learn. out learn these fools. become more then them, make more money then them. once you have graduated move to where ever your heart desires and have the most inteligent and loving spouse that you can find and love. as for your parents, you will learn someday that there are no guides for parents to follow. unless your parents were very rich and able to afford to put you in private school, they were stuck like most parents and had to rely on public schools and also stuck with the school district. will be able to do what your parents weren't able to do-- provide a better school for your children. as for your ex-bullies - next time they cause trouble, dont get physical - if they do, call the police- have them arrested and sue them.

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    Well I guess you want to be powerful, but I think that being 'strong' is deep down inside, like you don't retaliate, just hold it in bravely. I mean you can tell them STOP once in a while but don't make beating people up a habit, or you'll just make more enemies.

    Er well correct me if I'm wrong, because I didn't see anything related up there, but I'm guessing you're the firstborn. Well parents tend to protect the younger ones since the firstborns tend to be more independent (:

    Or I guess you could just find a good friend to pour out all your troubles to...

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    okay first of all what your parents see in you that they dont see in your brothers is that your strong person but you dont know it and your blinded by machoism. Parents are supposed to protect the weak ones in there bunch... now as for those guys who bullied you well they can go **** themselves. There are alot bigger things in life then who is the coolest guy in school. Once you see that you can move foreward and not give a **** what they say. If they mess with you by all means do what you gotta to show that you aint the same guy anymore.

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    Go to your principals about it, and if that doesn't work, you said you were a strong guy, beat the hell out of them. That's allways seemed to work for me.

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    that is me,

    but thanx for the comment.

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