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Which Truck Rental Company would you recommend for Moving Across Canada?

I've heard a few bad things about Uhaul so i may stay away from them.

But what kinda of questions should I ask and what should I be aware of especially when picking a truck? I don't know much about cars so should I have it inspected before I go?

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    U-HAUL is actually OK if you get one of their newer trucks. But I don't recommend them because they hardly ever deliver the vehicle that they promise and they overbook. You may not get a vehicle at all.

    Tilden and Hertz rent out large trucks but they are a trifle fussy when it comes to cross country trips. They may ask for the vehicle to be returned to point of origin and that can get pricey.

    If you don't know much about cars I do not recommend driving a truck cross country; especially a fully loaded one. It is a lot of work for a novice. Rental companies are aware of this and perform regular inspections on their vehicles. And they will show you all you need to know to keep going and the maintenance items you need to monitor.

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    The Uhaul Trucks are always easy to load and have more locations for pick up and drop off. They are low to the ground so it's easier to tow your vehicle. I wouldn't hesitate checking online or even giving them a call, they are a really friendly company. They never do follow up calls like other rental companies seem to do when getting a quote. I know that Uhaul does some discounts but you'd have to ask the agent on the phone, they are happy to check for you, I know Military and AAA members get discounts for sure.

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