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car heat sheild plates?

hi does anyone know were i can get some (heat sheild material) for underneath my car to put near the exhaust ect.. ive noticed recently the floor is getting really really hot with the heat and its also stripping all the paint underneath the car..

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    Heat shields are just metal plates that are fitted to the vehicle you can use any thin sheet metal found at any hardware store. But make sure that is the problem it it is overheating you could have the best heat shield protected car without an engine in the world.

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  • "doc"
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    You need to find a Drivability/emissions expert ck out your car. The

    exhaust should never get so hot it does what you have described,

    The Cat. converters may be getting overheated from a rich condition.

    This will damage the converters which are very expensive.

    Source(s): IATN.NET for a pro near you.
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  • ANDY
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    1 decade ago


    Take straight to a garage it should never get that hot. If it did it would already have one fitted by manufacturer.

    Andy C

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    take to a mechanic sounds to me like your car is too hot and needs a Professional look at it

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    try a local salvage can always cut it to fit

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