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I heard that feminine washes are not good for you and you should only use lots of warm water. Is it true? ?

I heard the chemicals are not good for you and the fact that its scented is even worse. Is it best to just wash really good with warm water? Aswell is it safe to be using babypowder to stay dry, one of my friends uses it, but it dosent seem safe or hygienic to me, but then again i could just be paranoid.

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    While douching is common, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that you avoid the practice, so you don't interfere with your natural pH balance. Experts say douching can make you more prone to vaginal infections, which can be spread into the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

    ►Also to be avoided when it comes to intimate products is talc (a main ingredient in talcum powder), which has been associated with ovarian cancer, says Poynor

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    If you mean an external wash that you would use in the shower like a body wash, but is specifically made for that area, it's probably ok.

    But if you mean internal douches, Don't use them, they can throw off the natural flora, bacteria balance, (yes there is some good bacteria that is supposed to be there), and Ph of your vagina. And you could end up with a yeast infection.

    If there is and odd or strong odor that is not your normal odor, that may be a sign of an infection, and you should go to the doctor. Not all infections are caused by having sex, so you could still get one if you aren't sexually active.

    And using baby powder to stay dry, just isn't natural. There is always some natural wetness that is suppose to be there. If it seems a little more at times, that's just your vagina's natural way of cleaning itself. And there is sometimes more when we ovulate.

    And baby powder could cause vaginal infections as well as urinary tract infections. So, it's not a good idea.

    If you are worried about an excess of discharge just use panty liners.

    So, yeah normal bathing is the best thing.

    Source(s): Grown woman with 34 life years experience.
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    The only feminine washes you should avoid are the cheaper brands that arent well known and can cause rashes and even a bigger problem. The ones you can trust are the expensive well known brands . Baby powder isnt very good as a choice as if it enters you, could cause some harm . Warm water is good for cleaning "down there" but it wont really help reduce a smell if you have one. Hope this helped xxx

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    Plain water is the best to wash the vulvovaginal area. This area is kept at a naturally acidic pH; soaps (basic pH) and washes (may contain irritants and chemicals) can mess with the pH. Altering the pH of the vulvovaginal area can result in yeast overgrowth and overall ickiness.

    The vagina is self-cleaning; why mess with it? :)

    If you must, use a mild soap occasionally to wash the vulva (external genitals) only, and rinse well with water.

    Using baby powder on the vulva probably won't harm anything (it's just powdered talc -- a mineral) although it seems completely unnecessary. It is normal for women to have vaginal secretions; as long as your friend is not experiencing unusual discharge that signals an infection, she shouldn't be using baby powder. Use a pantiliner, or breathable (non-thong) cotton underwear, instead.

    Source(s): medical student
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    Don't ever use powders down there ever. (even baby powder)

    Don't put anything inside.

    If by feminine washes you mean washes that are extra gentle for use in that area then yes it is okay, much better than soap, but don't use stuff designed to make it smell good down there.

    If she has problems staying dry she needs to see a doctor as she may have an infection (probably does since she puts powder on her vagina). You get pantyliners for that purpose, which I thought was common sense.

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    Ok. First things fist. Fem washes are completely horrible things, and should be eliminated. Your vagina is supposed to clean itself, which is why you secrete. To clean yourself you should use warm water and a mild soap on the OUTSIDE only.

    Baby powder is a horrible choice to put near your vagina. Tell your friend she's dumb and needs to learn proper fem care.

    Be safe, be smart and do some research

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    I heard that also. I think the washes can effect your PH and other chemical balances in your body. But just to be safe you should ask your doctor.

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