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Can I use vinegar instead of lemon juice with henna powder?

I want to mix henna powder for dying my hair. The instructions I've read say use 1:1 mixture of lemon juice and water to make a paste like thick gravy. Lemons are not readily available where I live. Can I use vinegar to acidify the henna instead?

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    you don't need to use it.

    just water and henna.

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    you elect for an acidity close to that of lemons, so tea is a extra advantageous determination than water. Henna is stable for hair, it is indigo that's doubtlessly drying, and the henna ought to counteract that. do no longer upload something oily or fatty, it is going to easily forestall the dye. in case you elect for, deep situation after the henna. in case your hair is companies to dryness use much less acid, so water and ACV incredibly than tea and ACV. Nope. Indigo will degrade interior an hour or 2, frozen or no longer. there is no thank you to maintain clean indigo paste. stable reason to artwork from scratch incredibly than with premade mixes. Yup, purely use a sprint, do no longer upload too lots or the scent could make you unwell, because it's going to be on your head for awhile.

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