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Should i switch from km to mi when I race in the US?

I am a Canadian runner, very accustomed to pace per km, distance in km and so on. I am running in PF Chang's RnR Marathon in Arizona this January. This is my first U.S. race. Any sense in switching my Garmin and training schedule to miles for the time being? I have to say that I watch the pace on my Garmin more than I watch the mile markers but...


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    Good luck in the PF Chang's Marathon - I hear thats a good one.

    I am a Canadian runner as well and really, if your used to using your garmin in KM, use it in KM since you use your watch more than the mile markers. Just enjoy your race.

    I've always trained in KM and will be running at the Boston Marathon in KM.

    Have fun:)

    run happy and train smart

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    I don't think you need to do that. Your legs and your mind did all the training in KM, so why change now? That being said, I don't see that it will make a difference one way or the other. They will probably at least have 10K and 20K signs, but it doesn't matter because garmin has the GPS. I personally choose not to wear my Garmin at all during races and just go with a simple stop watch because I find that knowing the precise distance at all times makes the race feel longer.

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    keep it on KM if that is what you are used to. when you go down for the marathon just make sure that you know quick conversions

    a marathon is 26.2 miles or 42.2 KM

    5 miles = 8 km

    10 miles = 16 km

    3.1 miles = 5 km

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    well most races are in miles, but some are also in km, so it all depends on which ones you plan to run, but theres not really any difference between a mile and km, so its basically the same

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    most runners will know what your talking about if you say km

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    Yes you should.

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