our company has introduced a new shift called early bird, this shift runs from 4.am to 12.am some were previou?

some people were previously on early shift which runs from 6am to 2pm on the early bird they get unsocial payments from 4to6 however they lose the hours from 6am to7am as the company says that's when they should take their unpaid half hour break, my argument is that it does not matter when the take the break as they are still on site between this time also these people had been paid this before and where not told that by going on this shift they would lose money

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You haven't actually asked a question so I'm not sure what you expect us all to say.

    Here's a tip for you, putting a question mark at the end of a statement as you have done does not turn it into a question.

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