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What does bad check sum mean when your downloading updates for spybot search & destroy?

I get bad check sum when downloading updates for spybot search & destroy.

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    hi,,,i just copied/ pasted this from their web-site:::::: Why do I receive the message "update is forbidden" / "bad checksum!!!"? [link]

    If you search for updates and a "HTTP Error 403" or "bad checksum" is displayed, this has a simple reason - millions of people trying to download from the same server.

    In order to overcome the problem, please have a second look at the update menu bar after searching for new updates. Therefore choose Update from the navigation bar on the left. Now you will see the update menu bar. It has a pull-down item to select a mirror. Click the arrow beside it, and select a different location (first try the ones located nearest to you), where you will most probably have better chances to download. You will find a short instruction with screen shot in this How-To entry.

    You can also download the updates manually, either from our Website or by using the direct download link. Just download and run that file - it is self-installing.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    I am having the same problem.I tried a majority of the mirror list but they all did the same thing. I quess will have to wait and try later or tomorrow. If you go to their web site you can find it there in the FAQS section of their page, They answer a lot of commomly asked questions.

    Updates are working now.They had something that I`ve never seen before called-Advanced updates-And after the updates were done a window came up saying "Please immunize and run a full scan when this update is finished ." I had like 10,000 unprotected items after the imunization, which I never have cuz I check it every day. But my scan came back clean. : )

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    This has happened to me quite frequently in the past... The answer seems to be: Only check mark 2 or 3 update downloads at one time..then select- download updates, as you always do. When those have successfully downloaded, mark 2 or 3 more and do it again...until you have them all. *if it still doesn't work with 2 or 3 check marked, do one at a's quirky. Seems to be a problem most, when their server is busy... I still use version 1.4, but, there is a newer version of SpyBot -Search & Destroy available. It is version 1.5- An official answer from SpyBot is this- *"Bad Checksum" problems can be overcome in most cases by changing the download server (site) as follows: Do not click "Search for Updates" again. Using the pull-down site selection menu (between the "Search for Updates" and "Download Updates" buttons) select another server. After changing the download server click "Download Updates" again. If you get another "Bad Checksum", repeated Steps 2 & 3 (using a 3rd or 4th server if necessary) until all updates are received. Hope this helps... --- Use protection, your computer will thank you.

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