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What happens when you die? :(?

we were wondering...what happens when you die, where do you go? what does it look like, what do you do? Does limbo and hell exist? Or do you just sleep really long?? Like as in forever

Do you know if you actually live another life or stay asleep FOREVER?♥

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    When we die, within seconds of entering the Light we experience a knowing. We get a fast-forward review of our lives and see the whole domino effect of all our actions. We feel everything we made someone else feel - the joy, the hurt. We see and uderstand the whole domino effect of our actions and of every interaction we had with anyone. And we know and understand what our purpose was in this lifetime.

    There's a period of transition, a time we get to reflect on our lives - it's different from individual to individual. For many there may be a necessary period of healing any physical or emotional issues, especially forgiving ourselves for anything we did while living that we don't feel proud of, that may have hurt someone, before we are able to interact with this side, the living, again. At all times we are given help in healing what we "shoulda woulda coulda" done in our lives here. Sometimes there is sadness at what we wish we could have done differently. We're encouraged to heal any anger or guilt. But there's also what we would think of as physical healing - even though it's not really physical, it's spiritual. People who had been sick when they died, or those who have been missing parts of their bodies are completely healed and healthy on the other side.

    The true beauty of Light is that it is total harmony. Here, we can spend a lifetime in the dark. We don't know what we are doing or the effect we are having. But when we get over there, we get a clear view of what this side is all about.

    And there is a heaven. It's more like a paradise, the Other Side. It's hard to imagine it, it's more miraculous than anything we can make, believe, perform, or create on this side. I don't think that human mind has the capacity to grasp it, even though at our deepest core we do remember it.


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    I'm a Latter-day Saint and we believe that when we die, our spirits live on. We existed before we came to earth and will continue to exist after we leave this earth. At death, our spirit goes to what we call the Spirit World to await the second coming of Christ and the resurrection. After Christ comes again, all people will be resurrected, meaning that our spirits will be reunited with a perfect body, never to die again. At some point there will be a judgement day and Christ will decide how people will live for eternity. We believe in three degrees of glory, not just a heaven and a hell. We want to live in the presence of God and Jesus Christ, which is the highest degree.

    Also, we believe that families are forever and that we will be reunited with our loved ones after death. What would be the point of living if it was all going to end at death?

    Source(s): LDS
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    Your mind fades into oblivion and bugs will eat you until your body is soil again. Really your atoms don't care about you and they don't even know you exist.

    Your spirit lives on however, in the minds of others that knew or know of you. Eventually they die too... and less and less is known of your spirit... just foresnsic fragments of your life remain for others to speculate about. In time these also become soil... until nothing is known of you as an individual what so ever... you are known only by the remnants remaining of your civilisation... ultimately.. this too turns to earth. About 40,000 years of this human cycle has occurred here in Australia. You'd think people would realise how connected they are to soil wouldnt you?

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    According to the bible, when you die you are in a deep sleep like state that Jesus Christ has promised to wake many up from real soon here on earth.-John 5:28,29

    You are concious of nothing at death. Your body returns to dust. However, after the resurrection millions will be given the chance to live forever on a perfect earth.-Psalm 37:9,10

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    When you die, you get dressed up nice and buried in the earth for the worms to eat you. You become one with the earth, and the remains of your body become fertilizer (as do the digested parts from the worms and other animals), and you are now food for plants, too. Animals eat these plants, people eat the animals. They all die, and the cycle continues.

    Source(s): Whether you're atheist or not, this is true. What happens to your "soul" is up to your beliefs.
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    When you die your soul will either be worthy to go into the kingdom of Heaven or your soul will receive its punishment for the sins that you have committed.

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    The same things happen after you die as it was before you were born.

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    whatever your beliefs are, I suppose..

    guess we'll all just have to wait and find out, yes?

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    I will get back to you when I die.

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    When you die, you die. The body stops functioning. That's all.

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