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i need a science fair project in the field of environmental engineering? ?

it has to be testable

please be serious this is for actual science fair i need data

anything ideas you have

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    Try a demonstration on geothermic energy and its practical uses. You could use hot nacho cheese, or something hotter ( i'm a teen, so i cant think of anything) to represent liquid hot "magma" and use water. If u find a turbine,( you can get one from a small generator) you could build a whole plant, try to power something ( a light bulb would be easy ). I swear i'm not stealing this from something on tv, or at a different fair, i just think about this kind of stuff sometimes.

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    Get an old glass fish tank and make a terrarium. positioned a small amt of water interior the backside A warmth lamp ought to simulate the sunlight A hair dryer could simulate "heat air currents" via alternating the operation of those 2, you need to teach a simulation of the rain-evaporation cycle. Your prize relies upon upon how fancy you're making the best points interior your terrarium (colored stones, small plastic bushes, and so on)

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    **** in a can, and measure O2.

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