What are the correct Songs & Words for 103.9 CISN & 92.5 JOE in Edmonton for Wednesday, November 5th?

Maureen Holloway's Last Word what worked for you?

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    Good Morning!

    Before They Were Famous: A) bananas in a banana split

    Champions: A) White Sox

    Country Music Trivia: A) Jason Aldean

    Country Music Video: C) a lantern (helps someone was on cmt.com)

    Domino’s: barred

    This day in Canadian History: B) on display at the Glenbow-Alberta Institute

    This Day in U.S. History: B) $100.00

    Video of the Day Trivia: customer service

    You Can Quote Me: B) Masters

    Newsletter: vote (hope everyone did!)

    Artist: Taylor Swift

    Deans: Mint

    Nascar: E

    Taylor Swift: The outside

    All Access: # 77 Toby

    Source(s): just entered them on radio site
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    1 decade ago


    7:15 buckle

    BBFF One Piece At A Time

    9 Start A Band

    WW coffee

    10:15 bronco

    12 Taylor Swift

    2 I Wanna Do It All

    2:15 bull

    4:15 calf

    5 I Don't Even Know Your Name

    CCMW She Never Cried In Front Of Me

    8:15 buckle


    Maureen's Last Word - Kate Winslet

    9 Wrapped Around Your Finger

    11 Hungry Like The Wolf

    2 When Doves Cry

    6 You Got It

    8 The Boys Of Summer


    Edmonton Oilers Mystery Player - Ethan Moreau

    Sleuth - thought

    Source(s): wow-wish they'd make up their minds on the CISN site these days for the listen and win, it seems to change several times a day! Thanks for your help today CW!
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    1 decade ago

    Good Morning

    Artist- Taylor Swift

    Deans- Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    Taylor Swift- The Outside

    Nascar- Clint Bower

    Before They Were Famous- A

    Champions- A

    Country Music- A

    Domino’s- Barred

    Sleuth- Thought

    This Day In Canadian History- B

    This Day In U.S. History- B

    Video- Customer Service

    You Can Quote Me- B

    US99 Newsletter- Vote

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    1 decade ago


    7:15am is Buckle

    Bruce Bowie is One Piece At A Time

    9:00 is Start a Band

    work is Coffee

    10:15 is Bronco

    Lunch is Taylor Swift

    2:00 is I Wanna Do It All

    2:15 is Bull

    4:15 is Calf

    5:00 is I Don't Even Know Your Name

    Most Wanted is She Never Cried In Front of Me

    8:15pm is Buckle

    CISN Playlist is good for the last 5 days, 24 hours of the day



    Air Mail Bonus Code for November 4th is Pirates

    Maureen's is Obamarama

    9:00 is Wrapped Around Your Finger

    11:00 is Hungry Like The Wolf

    2:00 is When Doves Cry

    6:00 is You Got It

    8:00 is The Boys of Summer

    JOE Playlist is good for the last 5 days, 24 hours of the day


    Sleuth is Thought


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    1 decade ago

    92.5 WXTU - Philadelphia

    on air questions

    My Three Songs - Sarah Buxton (11/5)

    Country Cafe - Became a member of Grand Ole Opry (11/5)

    Classic Rewind - Ace In The Hole (11/4)

    Make it or Break it - Toby Keith (11/4) but vacation worked for me

  • sandy
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    1 decade ago

    Sleuth: Thought

  • Kim A
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    1 decade ago

    Good Wednesday Morning All!

    Country 95.3 words:




    11- song

    Sleuth: thought

    Dinner: melted

    Have a good one!

    KA :)

  • Sher
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    1 decade ago







    This day-b

    Quote me-c

    bbff-one piece at a time


    900-start a band









    9am-wrapped around your

    11am-hungry like the





  • 1 decade ago

    105.7 KYKX Longview, TX


    705 - elmo

    805 - oscar

    1205 - kermit

    505 - grover

    Sleuth - thought

    Domino - barred

    Video of the day - customer service

    This Day In U.S History - b

    Country Music Trivia - a

    Champions - a

    You can quote me - b

    Before they were famous - a

    this day in canadian History - b

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