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Can anyone advise cost and quality of letting dental school do work on my teeth?

Ive got some issues with some teeth and I need to get a couple of crowns and a bridge but just really cant afford it at my regular dentist. Anyone know what cost and quality I would possibly get if I offered myself to a local college or dental school? - Im in Texas btw

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    there is nothng wrong with school other than the treatment takes a long time to do. all schools follow the latest techniques and use the best material available, where as in private world some docs skimp here and there, this wont happen in the schools since they have to use top quality material and follow the latest protocols to maintain accreditation. Also the students are requyire to approach an idea restoration where as in the private world a lazy dentiust may not. Also the students are overlooked by dentist and cant procedd to the next step with out completeing the required steps correctly.

    So schools are not bad. Just be sure to have ample time to get work done.

    To answer your question cost will be a lot lower but the quality of teh materials will be some of the best and latest material used in dentistry. ( Schools dont want to lose accreditation by using inferior material)

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