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Marijuana Pros and Cons?

What are some good things about smoking pot?

What are some bad things about smoking pot?


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    You don't need to smoke it. I'm so tired of reading people answer without knowing what they're talking about.


    1. Bronchiodilatory effect - Expands the lungs, which on a medical standpoint is very good.

    2. Neuroprotective effect - Believe it or not, cannabis is neuroprotective. Look it up. It doesn't kill brain cells, it protects them.

    3. Painkilling properties

    4. Vasodilator - Expands the blood vessels in the eyes (hence the red eyes). Good for people with glaucoma, and generally good for eyes too because more nutrients go into them.

    5. One of the strongest anti-nausea medications out there.

    6. Can provide pretty good relief from depression if used moderately (3 times a week maximum).

    7. Can provide artistic inspiration.

    8. Can provide insight into problems that you couldn't figure out sober because you are viewing it from another perspective.

    9. Can increase intuition and sensitivity to how other people feel and think.

    10. THC is a powerful antioxidant (which is good), and has anti-cancer effects.

    11. CBD (cannabidiol, another cannabinoid in the plant), has anti-psychotic properties.

    12. Cannabis can decrease anxiety in some people.

    13. Cannabis can make you less paranoid (depending on your relationship with the plant).

    14. Cannabis can increase appetite.

    15. Cannabis is not physically addictive.


    1. Cannabis can make you tired. Good thing if you have insomnia. Bad thing if you need to get something done.


    1. Cannabis has been shown to slightly impair the immune system.

    2. Cannabis impairs short term memory and working memory. This effect goes away completely after abstaining for a while.

    3. Cannabis can increase depression if used frequently (above 3 times a week)

    4. Cannabis can increase anxiety in some people (Depends on who you are and your relationship with the plant).

    5. Cannabis can make you paranoid (Depends on your relationship with plant).

    6. Cannabis can make you overeat.

    7. Cannabis can make you feel lazy/less motivated (Depends on your relationship with the plant. A study by the military showed no negative effects on motivation. Mexican immigrants used it to work harder.)

    8. Cannabis can be psychologically addictive. Like many habits, it can be hard to break. Fortunately, the addiction is usually not strong enough to impair a person's relationship with friends and work (though not always).

    9. Cannabis users can experience mild withdrawal symptoms after very heavy use. The most prevalent symptom is inability to sleep well. Lots of energy is another symptom. Irritability is another symptom. All of these symptoms go away after 1-3 days. The symptoms usually only appear if you use cannabis all day every day for at least 3 days.

    *Smoking the plant can lead to lung problems later on. Increased susceptibility to bronchitis and other lung infections. Chance of lung cancer interestingly is not increased, possibly due to the THC. Chance of emphysema and other lung disorders are increased.

    *Note: Cannabis does NOT have to be smoked. It can be vaporized, eaten, or put into a tincture. They even have THC pills, lip balm (yep!), ointment, topical spray, and nasal spray. Lots of medical cannabis patients use it for lung complaints due to it's beneficial effects on the lungs (if not smoked), so they cannot smoke it and have to use an alternative.

    Source(s): Lots and lots of research over the years. I like to know what I'm putting in my body, unlike other people who post here that don't do that and post completely wrong information about illegal drugs. If you feel like challenging this list, please be my guest.
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    Source(s): Insomnia Remedies
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    There are no cons to smoking pot, it's all good. Just as an example, I was at my friend Steve's house the other day. He and I went to high school together and have been tight ever since, even though I had kind of a deal with his sister once. She was really nice, but we just had no chemistry. Lol it was really funny, this one time when we went out and I forgot my wallet...wait....what was the question again?

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    Good things:

    Music sounds better, movies seem much better, food tastes better, your imagination can be stimulated and it makes you more creative, it can make a walk on a nice day seem a lot more interesting and mysterious.

    Bad things:

    It can make you lazy, so not a good idea if you have things to do, it can make you a little paranoid (this is temporary, unless you dwell on it, which is down to the individual really), you can have what is called a whitey where you feel horrible and you can't shake it, but this is rare.

    Looks likes its an even balance between the two. The bad things however are easier to handle when you get used to it, and you just come to expect it.

    Source(s): Ah ... er ... someone told me ....
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    that is already been tried and failed In 1975, Alaska's splendid courtroom held that under their State shape an person ought to very own marijuana for inner maximum intake interior the homestead. The courtroom's ruling became a eco-friendly easy for marijuana use. A 1988 college of Alaska survey confirmed that the state's young toddlers used marijuana at extra advantageous than two times the national straight forward for their age group. The record additionally confirmed a frequency of marijuana use that reported it wasn't experimental, yet a nicely integrated prepare for youths. bored to death with this risky test, Alaska's citizens voted in 1990 to recriminalize possession of marijuana. yet 15 years of legalization left its mark-greater drug use by using a era of our adolescents.

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    pot is good for medical use i have chrons diseas which affects your intestinal tract and digestive system ,i use it to control pain and appitite so that i can eat, also good for anxiety. Indica varietys are good for pain and for insomnia, sativas are good during the day when you have things to do. If you are in california, you can buy legal medically grown marijuana.

    it is also good for recreation it will not kill brain cells like alcohol and does no liver damage, marijuana can be vaporized it dosn't have to be smoked its more healthy that way but smoking it wil not give you cancer. You can also eat marijuana, there are very many ways to do it i prefer smoking it.

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    Good- It can ease or take the edge off pain, help with sleep or just help you relax if your uptight and tense. I have nor anyone I know has experienced addiction with this drug so thats a good thing

    Bad- You do have to smoke it so its not good for your lungs. You feel lazy(most ppl do) you may eat to much, may make you less motivated. Depending on how much or how potent it is you might get paranoid the fist time you use it or generally just not knowing what feeling will take effect might make you nervous.

    Source(s): Experience in highschool
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