IF Obama is ruled to have been born in Kenya...?

IF the Supreme Court rules that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and therefore not eligible to be President, who would be the next President?

Would it be Biden since he was the VP candidate on the ticket, would it be McCain since he had the most votes of the eligible candidates, or would it be decided in a special election?

I doubt the Supreme Court will rule that Obama was born in Kenya, but IF they do, God help our inner cities, because I am afraid there will be race riots.

Just Curious


Notice the IF

Like I said, I am just asking what if this happens. I am doubtful it will happen.

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All I was asking, IF the Supreme Court rules in favor of Phillip J. Berg who would be president.


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    Anything can happen we have already one election that went to the Supreme Court to decide the President election

    So we must believe that it could happen again.


    Constitution of the United States

    Article. II. ,Section. 1.

    No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;


    Obama is NOT a natural born citzen of the USA

    There is NO original documantation or copies showing Barack born at any hospital in Hawaii


    The Image of Barack first Certifcate of live birth on politifact,snopes,factcheck and other websites




    This is a copy that politifact,snopes,factcheck and others recieved when Obama released his Birth certificate on June 13 2007

    It was Photoshopped and has had the certifcate numbers blacked out, had a embedded date of June 6 2007(in reverse)(slighty right of center near the bottom)

    At the bottom it states very clearly ""ANY ALTERATION INVALIDATES THIS CERTIFICATE""


    Factcheck is funded by a company that Barack Obama was once on the board,Annenberg Foundation

    Since Obama was on the board there is serious concern for conflict of intrest and fraud


    There is original documation of Obama's birth at the COAST PROVINCIAL GENERAL HOSPITAL in Mobasso Kenya witnessed by 3 people including Obama's kenyan grandmother who has testified on tape that Obama was born in Kenya

    Here is a link to one of the videos with Obama's paternal grandmother

    Lawsuit Info:


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    This is akin to asking what if proof is discovered that George Bush ordered 9/11 to be committed. Or what will happen when someone comes forward and admits to helping fake the moon landing. The whole Obama-birth-certificate thing was exposed as total nonsense months ago! He was born in Hawaii! It is easy enough to prove--there was even a birth announcement in the local newspaper at the time! The Obama campaign showed Obama's copy of his birth certificate to a fact checking group who confirmed it was legitimate (the embossed seal was on the back, as was the pre-stamped signature of the official who issued the copy).

    However, if anything happened to Obama before election day then it becomes tricky. If the Electoral College hasn't met yet, then they would almost certainly elect Biden president. If not, then they'd probably swear in Biden first, then have him sworn in as president immediately afterwards as the office became vacant.

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    First of all the supreme court wont rule that Hawaii is part of kenya, they actually can't.

    If a president elect was to be unable to accept inauguration than the vice president would assume the role

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    The Supreme Court doesn't get to decide where a person was born 44 years ago. The state of Hawaii, which keeps the records of birth for their state, confirmed that he was born in Honolulu.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think that would depend on when the hypothetical ruling took place..

    but now that the votes are in.. I think it would mean that Biden would be president... not entirely sure...

    I know that would be the case after the inauguration.

    but it won't.. that has already been gone over and looked through. They would not have let him get this far if he wasn't eligible.

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    Biden would be the new President-elect.

    Source(s): consitution
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    Haven't looked it up but my assumption is that if this were to happen the entire ticket would be declared invalid.

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    Shouldn't this have been asked by you long before today?

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    Are you human? Obama was born in Hawaii.

    Source(s): Obama/Biden 08 - the REAL mavericks
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    That was settled sooo long ago....

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