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World of warcraft hunters?

what happened to the loyalty points? i made a hunter and when i tamed an animal it didnt show up neither did the training points thing. and how do i use the talent tree for pets? i think its for the wrath of the lich king but its not out yet and ive seen people use it. like how in it it says "dash" and ive been to pvp arenas and people use them.

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    1. You no longer have loyalty points (no more pets running off), but you still need to keep your pet fed and happy to get the bonus to your pets damage output.

    2. You no longer need to train your pet, it will learn its abilities naturally as it levels up. Each species of pet has its signature ability, an attack (Bite/Claw/etc.), Growl and Cower.

    3. Pets get their first talent points at level 20 and then they get 1 more point every 4 levels (13 in total for a normal hunter, if the hunter takes the final ability in the beastmastery tree, the pet gets another 4 points), and these are spent in the same way the hunters talent points are, goto the talent trees, and select the pets talent tab. there are 3 trees and which each pet gets is dependant on its species.

    Also note... each pet has its own talent points, so you could have two very differently specced pets even if they are the same species. so you could have one specced for PvE and levelling, and another specced for PvP and Battlegrounds.

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    Yep like the other said when the 3.0 came out, it changed the way hunters work. New talents in the talent tree and all. Pets are no longer trained like they were before. To access the pets spell book, pull up your spell book and you can view it from a tab on the side. Not all pets will have dash now, pets are now in categories and each categorie is better for a certain type of gameplay. If you want to pvp, I would go with soemthing like a ravager, because they have the dash move that knocks down an opponent.

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    It changed with the new patch that came out a couple weeks ago.

    I believe the new pet talents are in a seperate tab in your talent trees. If not, try the tabs under your character sheet or spellbook.

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