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name an nba bust lineup?

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    c-kwame brown

    pf- sam bowie

    sf-desmond mason

    sg-any lakers chose (except kobe)

    pg- idk

    sorry hard to choose

    gonna get lots of thumbs downs for that one

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    person above me your answer sucks. Ray Allen is one of the best 3 point shooters in the league and Dirk Nowitzki? how is he terrible? And Paul Pierce? He led his team to a championship this year.

    Those 3 players have a comibined 57.4 points per game. 17.8 from Paul Pierce. 15.8 from Ray Allen. And 23.8 from Dirk. Last I checked those were all good numbers.

    And Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins are still young and still could develope into good players.

    Not that I really care for the Celtics but you must flat out hate them. 4 of the 5 people you chose play for the celtics. If you would have thrown in KG you would have their starting line up.

    And you're "Great" line up is just the Laker's starters. Kobe deserves to be on there but honestly Derek Fisher? Andrew Bynum? I'm sure there are better players in the NBA then all four of the players besides Kobe. Chris Paul, Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudmaire. I can keep going but that replaces all four of them.

    As for my bust line up I don't know but it would have Darko Milicic at center and it would be nothing like KB24's list.

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    PG. Bob Sura

    SG. Kendall Gill

    SF. Ricky Davis - Definetly the most selfish player in the NBA

    PF. Kwame Brown

    C. Michael Olowokandi

    6. Sam Bowie

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    C - Darko Milicic or Rafael Araujo

    PF - Kwame Brown, Stromile Swift

    SF - Keith Van Horn

    SG - Marcus Fizer

    PG - Sebastian Telfair

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    1 decade ago

    If by bust you mean HORRIBLE-

    PG- Rajon Rondo

    SG- Ray Allen

    SF- Paul Peirce

    PF- Dirk Nowitzki (gotta say, kg is a beast, so i wont put him)

    C- Kendrick Perkins

    If by bust you mean GREAT-

    PG- Derek Fisher/Jordan Farmar

    SG- Kobe Bryant

    SF- Lamar Odom

    PF- Pau Gasol

    C- Andrew Bynum

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    1 decade ago

    i'd like to see ppls answers play on a team together.

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