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Need a name for new puppy. Best one gets 10pts !?

New puppy. I have no clue about his personality - Here's what I can tell you

Its a male

It is a Red Heeler which is an Australian Cattle dog bred to herd cattle

And its about 6 and half weeks old

The colors are a reddish peach color mixed with white

Here's a link so you can see him. This is the only pic I have right now


EDIT - I went with Cooper since it seems to fit him pretty good. For those who want to see a better picture, here he is at his new home.

Thanks to all for the suggestions !

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    Herbie (my fav)

    good luck!

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    Suggestions - Aussie, the breed is originally from Australia. Dingo, and Australian ancestor of this breed. Timmins, the Timmins Biter is a breed that was developed while on the way to achieving the Australian Cattle Dog breed.

    When naming my pets, I like to research the history of the pet and the country it came from. Sometimes, I choose names of famous people from that country and other times, I use names related to how the breed was derived.

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    Personally when choosing a name for a Herding Dog, I tend to like quick names such as- tye, sport or pal. Good luck in choosing a name and with your new puppy.

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    its unusual, I named my Rottweiller this. I got it from a Cary Grant movie, he walks through a garden calling his grandmother, Zannue, Zannue. I like the sound of it. Movie was called An Affair to Remember.

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    Well, first of all, 6 1/2 weeks is too young to take away from the breeder/mom. Please take the dog back for another 6 weeks or so, then you can decide on a name. Why are you asking us for names, we don't know your dog. Must have come from an unreputable breeder to let the pup go this young. You might thing of getting your money back and buying a good pup from a professional. Surely you have a contract.

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    How about Sprinkles, He looks like he has sprinkles on his face. He is beautiful, Very sweet! Pooh is cute too or even Bear, its Male and Pooh bear is about his color. Hes just so dang cute! Good luck with him. I have a border collie, her name is Oreo.

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    I think maybe marley









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