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Do physicians in long term care facilities in Ontario Canada need to inform residents when doing x-rays etc...?

My mother's physician is firmly telling me that he can't be phoning me for everything they do to her, are they not obligated to notify a power of attorney, or does a resident lose all rights when entering a nursing home, or is the physician being lazy.

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    The physician is not obligated to keep you informed really, but the facility where she resides is. Can make your needs known to the facility, that you would like to be a part of the loop of communication. They should oblige you. And if you have any questions relating to her specific tests and/or the outcome, you can arrange to either meet with him and go over the procedures she's undergone monthly, weekly basis, or ask the nurses at the facility to help you to understand the procedures. You do have rights, just as your mother does. Might be helpful if you have POA to leave a copy with the facility, or to have your mom sign a release of information authorizing you as her legal/medical representative.

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    When you admitted her to the nursing home, you signed consent papers for them to do "whatever they feel is medically necessary" to make your mother comfortable and to sustain her life. It may not have been worded that simply, but that's the gist of the legal agreement you signed.

    So unless you revoke that authorization, then they can do whatever the doctor feels is medically necessary without phoning you or without getting permission.

    Chances are real good that if you go down there and revoke your authorization, they will no longer keep her in that care facility.

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