Why am I not unhappy Obama won?

I'm a die hard conservative, but I see NO leaders in my party. All I see are big spending democrats who call themselves republicans. For some reason I'm not unhappy now that it's all over, but I'm not sure why.

I believe my taxes will go up (I don't care what he says), and I think they're too high already.

I believe we're going to move toward socialized health care, and I'm expecting my third child.

I believe we will be more vulnerable to attack as a country, and I have cousins in the armed forces.

I believe he will work to restrict my gun rights, and I love shooting.

But for some reason, I'm pretty upbeat.....and I have no idea why. Is his soaring rhetoric just retarding my brain, or is there some reason I should not be unhappy as a conservative?

Don't give me the "McCain isn't a conservative.." line--I know he's not and I had to hold my nose when I voted for him.


WOOOOOW!!! I'm stunned by the stinging commentary from you guys. I thought I would get honest answers from a group who should be happy they won and now control congress. What I got was hate. I guess I'm not surprised, though.

Sooo, I'm the center of the universe, I hate everyone, I'm from some other planet...??... wow. Oh yeah, and I'm supposed to cite my beliefs........Hmm.

All the hate seems to be flowing one direction here, guys.

Update 2:

Oh, whoops. I missed the part about me wanting a dictator. Yea, that would really make me happy. You won and congratulations. He ran a great campaign......but is this really your new tone?

Update 3:

Thanks Michael M....first thoughtful answer.

I'm not defending my party at all. This loss was a long time coming. And I stated right in the question that they are big spending democrats pretending to be republicans, so I know who ran up this debt!

I am really worried about taxing the rich because I think most of them will just pass the taxes on to us--they run the businesses we buy from. So repealing the tax cut on them will just raise my taxes--but I hope I'm wrong.

I'm still perplexed that I have to cite my beliefs....??

Update 4:

And I'm "doomed to lead a miserable life".....lol. Unbelievable how you hate. My question states clearly that I am upbeat. You either can't read, or just think I'm lying.

The answers have reinforced my values. Thank you. I am even more upbeat now.

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    I was pretty upset at first, but I actually feel good, also.

    I don't feel good about the direction in which Obama wants to take the country, but I'm almost glad McCain lost.

    This is a hard pill to swallow for the GOP, but it will also be the best thing to happen to the party. For the past 8 years, Republicans have abandoned the Core Conservative Values, and stained the GOP brand.

    I feel as though, this wake-up call sent a clear message that Americans need the GOP to act like Conservatives again - not act like watered down Democrats.

  • mety
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    1 decade ago

    Perhaps, it's because we are currently in fear, smear, and jeer mode in this country, it's hard on the soul, and for the first time in a long time, we're hearing the word "hope" - whether or not we SHOULD have any hope remains to be seen, but we've FINALLY heard something besides "the sky is falling, the sky is falling."

    We are ALL Americans and like parents that still love their children, even when their naughty, we still love our country, even when we KNOW that we are better than what we are behaving like.

    I don't KNOW if socialized medicine is a good thing or a bad thing, I DO know, however, that the current way things are being done IS NOT WORKING, and I for one am willing to give something else a try. Time will tell.

    While being neither Republican or Democrat (I'm a CONSTITUTIONAL voter), I've voted both ways, I have thought for quite a while now, that IF I were a Republican, I would be REALLY ANGRY at what has been done to hijack the party to serve the interests of a very few. There is very little, if any resemblance to the Republican party I once knew in this crowd - the truly radical left has infiltrated the party and turned it into the war/terror/rob-us-blind/be afraid/give up your rights, party.

    Maybe you're not unhappy that Obama won because it gives the REAL Republicans a chance to re-claim their values.

    The insanity HAS to stop. That's called relief.

    I wish we had less politicians and a few more "statesmen" in this country.

    BTW - I really don't like any one party to be in total control - that's when we run amok - we NEED the balance that comes from vetting both sides opinions and finding a middle ground.

    Compromise is NOT a dirty word.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you are making big bucks, over $250,000 your taxes will go up. The tax rate for taxpayers that get refunds on their taxes will be cut for 95-92 % of those tax payers. Just by charging the Taxpayers a balanced tax rate as before the Republicans, changed them in favor of the wealthy.

    I live in Thailand, that has Socialized medical care for all its citizens and they are not taxed to death, it is just the greed of the medical profession , the insurance companies and the Pharmaceutical companies that make medical expenses so high in the United states.

    If 3rd world Thailand can offer it, why not the US ?

    United States Armed forces are not large enough to fight our present wars, Obama has promised to raise them by 85,000. I have 2 granddaughters, I niece and two nephews in the service.

    I am an avid shooter, I load my own ammo, I to am concerned about access to my gun rights, Saying that, there are limits to the weapons used to hunt game in the United States that dose not include fully automatic weapons or other weapons of war. I think sale of those type of weapons need to be outlawed in the U.S.

    Obama was the best person for the Job !

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    Because the Republicans needed a big time wake up call. If they hadn't, you'd have seen more of the same. And by that I mean the same sort of stuff you've seen for the past eight years - endless scandals due to corruption, mismanagement, and the most enormous run-up in the federal debt in our nation's history.

    The fact is, there will have to be an increase in taxes. In effect the Republicans have maxed out the nation's credit cards, and at some point that debt has got to be paid off. The entire government cannot file bankruptcy. Stop and think about the implications. Want to blame someone for higher taxes? Blame the people who ran up the national debt.

    Of course, it bears pointing out that Obama's plan is to basically repeal the tax cuts for wealthy people that Bush pushed through. Moderate income people would actually pay less.

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  • gulfam
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    4 years ago

    some all human beings is mad with the aid of fact he's a Democrat. some are mad with the aid of fact of what he have confidence approximately specific matters like taxes, immigration, gay marriage, and abortion. a great form of human beings, nevertheless, are merely mad with the aid of fact he's black. that's somewhat unhappy. Did you notice how McCain won fantastically lots all of the southern states? The south is extremely disillusioned amazing now. yet hi, whether some racist all human beings is mad, our united states of america has needless to say moved foreword sufficient to decide on a black president. Now, no count number if or no longer he replace into the final selection continues to be to be considered. And yeah, human beings had a amazing to be disillusioned after Bush, yet no longer all Republicans are like him. No president is ever going to make all human beings chuffed, yet I do wish human beings might provide up calling Obama names (and that i do no longer recommend schoolyard names---stuff like Anti-Christ).

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    All everyone talks about now is how Obama is going to "raise their taxes". Obama was elected less than a week ago, and taxes have been raising for years for the majority of America. Bush has seen to it that taxes have been lowered for the wealthiest earners and raised for the people who can least afford it. Put the blame where it belongs right now.

    Socialized medicine, you may be more correct here. Obama's health care plan is a kind of "stepping stone" towards it.

    As for the last two, I would challenge you to provide proof to either of them. Though I know you cannot, as both are morning talk radio propaganda.

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe it will take a real tax and spender as president to make people realize we made a mistake voting a more socialistic president. His agenda will definitely hurt us and I am hoping we will wake up as a nation and elect a true fiscal conservative next time.

    Maybe the stink of BO will wake the republicans up!

  • d. w.
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    1 decade ago

    because you voted for the that giving money ,and one that promisesthe most giveaways.and the second year and change the taxes if given all back plus more .

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are not a conservative, you are a right wing reactionary. Nothing short of a fascist dictatorship would make you happy, therefore you are doomed to lead a miserable life.

    Why do you do this to yourself? You do it because you feel you are the center of the universe.

    Why don't we care? It wouldn't do any good, because you need hate to give your life meaning.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the reality is, even if Obama wanted to do all those things, he won't be able to do half of it in 4 years. there's no reason to fear. thank God for democracy, all it takes is patience.

    Source(s): i'm a democrat
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