Have you ever been an unseen witness to an event unfolding ?

“Un Seen”

Perched high above a waterfall,

In amongst some ferns,

In a soft and mossy place

Contemplating life with the wind of time

Blowing gently on my face,

Vision growing weak, the spirit still remains

And in the distance – not too far

I hear some soft refrains

As my hearing strains

Echoing sounds hauntingly free

As down below I feel a presence

I flatten my body close to see

Shades of youth delicate, intense

Into the field a young girl has run

As though she owns the world, her stage

She twirls and swirls round having fun

I, invisible on this page

Pounding earth and wilted flowers

Blouse billowing in the breeze

Sky above bereft of showers

Skirt flies softly round her knees

I whispered softly, on the wind it carried

Just dance and stomp and seize the day

As the child lingered and tarried

Don’t let this magic moment ever drift away,

She twirls and whirls enchantingly

In the empty field between the trees

It brings back haunting memories

Of how it used to be for me

So innocent, footloose and worry free

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    yes I have on many occasion.

    The depiction here is like memories of the past being enacted below the speakers repose as I remember playing under the water fall in the hot summers.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think we realize what we cannot do, until we see someone do what we cannot do. Twirls and swirls...

  • 1 decade ago

    beautifully said..life is a long series of events..we un-seen witnesses

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