Help with my Math's Exam Revision?

I Don't understand these concepts:


Algebraic Terms(Adding and Subtracting)

Index Notation (Algebraic and Numerical)

The Product of Powers




Simplifying Ratios (Yes, I'm dumb in Maths)

Using ratios to find amounts

Increasing/Decreasing in a given ratio

Angles on Parallel Lines(Corresponding, Alternate, Co-Interior)


Scale factoring in Similar Triangles

Thank you very much!

I have forgotten all of these concepts throughout the year and I will be needing them for my yearly exam if I want a chance to move up to A Maths. I CAN'T COMPETE WITH MY RIVALS IN MATHS IF THEY'RE NOT IN MY CLASS!!! I'm in A for everything else though. Just the maths that worries me. I'm only in 'B'. Please help explain these concepts. Thank you again!

NOTE: I will not tolerate 'hate answers' as this Is a crucial time in my Year 8 Life. I will not stand for it. It is out of the question and can cause me traumatic experiences. I will be awarding 30 points for the person who can help me. (I'll ask 3 questions for you to answer and I'll just best answer it'

Thank you!


If Possible, please make it easier to understand, I could hardly understand what you are saying. Can you please use simpler words. It just confuses me more. Thank you!

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    Take the sides that have x in them and set them equal to each other, this is substitution for example:

    x + y = 4 and 2y = x + 2 so put into slope - intercept

    y = -x + 4 and y = 1/2 x + 1

    - x + 4 = 1/2x + 1 Subtract 4 from both sides

    -x = 1/2x - 3 Subtract 1/2 x from both sides

    -3/2x = -3 Multiply both sides by the reciprocal(-2/3)

    x = 2 Now plug back into one of your original equations and solve for y

    y = - (2) + 4

    y = 2 so your solution is

    (2, 2)

    Adding and subtracting algebraic terms:

    you can only do the same terms, you can not combine x^2 with x,

    Think of positive as what you have, negative as what you have spent.

    5x - 8x will be -3x because I had $5 BUT spent $8 so I am in the hole (-)


    Index notation: Not sure what you mean by that

    The product of Powers: (x^3)(x^5) those you keep the base (x) the same but ADD the exponents so x^8

    (x^3)^5 those you multiply x^15

    Truthfully, if you just put what they look like, it might help you understand and remember

    x* x* x times x* x*x*x*x* = x^8

    Quotients: Dividing, not sure what you don't understand

    Factoring: Find all the factors of the 3rd term, add them up to see if the add up to your middle coefficient. Example

    x^2 + 5x - 14 Factors of 14 are 1, 14 and 2 , 7 now because it is a negative one has to be positive, so it would be -2 and 7 because that adds up to 5.

    Inequalities: Treat them as if there were a regular equation, BUT if you multiply or divide by a negative number you MUST flip the inequality sign. Example:

    -2y - 3 < 6x + 5 first add 3 to both sides

    -2y < 6x + 8 now divide by -2 and FLIP the sign

    y > -3x - 4 And just graph like you normally would, go to -4 on your y axis (vertical) mark it and drop down 3 and to your right 1 and make a dot, connect to make a line BUT because it is just < or > it will be a dashed line then pick out (0, 0,) to find out where to shade, 0>-4 yes so where (0, 0) falls, shade it in because it is true.

    Simplifying Ratios: Make sure they are in the same unit such as hours or minutes. Example: 40 min : 2 hours (120 mins) divide by the 40 1 : 3

    I have to go right now BUT I will look to come back and answer some more.

    I bet as you sit down with it, a lot will come back to you, we ALL just forget what we don't do all the time and what isn't really important to us at this time. If you are a good student I am sure you will do fine!

    Good luck to you.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    a million) 5xy^2 + 15y the situation-unfastened words are 5 and y = 5y(x^2 + 3) 2) y = 6 - x ... (a million) y = 2x^2 ... (2) you're able to do away with y via substituting (2) into (a million) 2x^2 = 6 - x Now subtract 6 and upload x to the two factors to get each little thing on one ingredient: 2x^2 + x - 6 = 0 Now clean up the quadratic via the quadratic formulation: y = [-a million ± ?(a million + 40 8) ] / 4 y = [-a million ± ?40 9 ] / 4 y = [-a million ± 7] / 4 So the two y = (-a million + 7)/4 = 6/4 = 3/2 OR y = (-a million - 7)/4 = -8/4 = -2 So y = -2, 3/2 3) If the ratio of the exterior aspects is 9:25, then the ration of the volumes is 9:25 4) Use the gap formulation: d = ?[(x2 - x1)^2 + (y2 - y1)^2 + (z2 - z1)^2 ] for (x1,x2,x3) and (y1,y2,y3) d = ?[(-a million+3)^2 + (3+2)^2 + (2-5)^2 ] = ?(4 + 25 + 9) = ?38 ? 6.sixteen uncertain on the subject of the final one, yet i wish the above enables slightly besides

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