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Why do we seem to accept that it's fine that Israel flies into sovereign nations to drop bombs? ?

It's crazy. These are acts of war. Now, out of fear of being targeted by Israel Iran is building better and better missiles. In the past the Israelis bombed a nuclear energy plant being built by France in Iraq. We all seemed to think, "oh, that's OK."

We if that's OK should we bomb the nuclear energy plants in Canada? You never know what those damn Canadians are up to.

"Najjar said the missile was a defensive weapon and not a response to threats against Iran. He didn't name any country, but Israel has recently threatened to take military action against Iran to stop Tehran from developing a nuclear bomb".


Stiggo -- following your assumption of reasons I then suppose that it should be A OK for Cuba to bomb some of America's plutonium generating plants. After all, the US continues against the reasonable assertion of all other nations that Cuba has no right to exist.

Update 2:

Some Canadians burned the Stars and Stripes in the 70's. Aren't you a patriot worthy of protecting the honour of your flag?

Update 3:

zyklomb8 -- ah, the eternal spring of ignorance raises its ugly head. You can't very well lend something that's going to be blown up.

Update 4:

zyklomb8 -- ah, the eternal spring of ignorance raises its ugly head. You can't very well lend something that's going to be blown up.

Update 5:

LeAnne -- Please show me false reporting in the Huffingtonpost.

Of course you're talking about the continuous war between Israel and the Palestinians and Lebanon.

The trouble with this war is that the US backs Israel 100% and then the world allows the US to pretend to broker peace while they do quite the opposite by vetoing any UN resolutions against Israeli activities. The US has done this 29 times. If the US would just keep back and allow the UN and other sane countries to broker a peace agreement in the area. I would like also to say that the US keeping out of other country's affairs would prove a God-send to our world at large.

Update 6:

mark3524 -- Why do you ask inane questions and not allow an email response?

What information do you have about what I think any of your posted questions?

If you have the guts - email me with a true return email or forever hold your peace.

Update 7:

Boatman1 -- Please explain your point. Having been attacked you would respond to that act of war if it were Mexico doing it.

However, things drastically change if it were fervent radicals attacking from within Mexico. Then you must work with Mexico to stop the bombing.

If you are, very sloppily, suggesting that the US had any right whatsoever, to bomb civilians or anyone else for that matter in the sovereign nations of Pakistan or Syria you are quite wrong of course.

If you are suggesting that Israel can retaliate against Iraqi scuds then, of course you're right. In that same vein then, it was OK for Iraq to retaliate against the Israel bombing of the French built nuclear reactor.

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    No, acts of war involve things like giving rockets to terrorists for use on civilian cities. Bombing weapons sites of a country that is funding the death of your citizens is very justified defense. As soon as Canada starts providing rockets for terrorists in Mexico to launch at Texas, then we will have every right to bomb them.

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    Ha love it when pro Israeli people start getting all bothered!

    Firstly , Syria is willing to sign a peace treaty but the Israeli will not give them back there golan heights, which is their land.

    Last time i checked the nazi's once tried to wipe out the jewish population, should they not attack Germany by your logic?

    So westerners committed the crime and the middle eastern countries should be punished for it? Weird sense of justice.

    Hmm when was the last time a Sovereign middle eastern country attacked Israel, was it a certain Iraq? Are arab countries secretly planning to attack Israel? Think not! I would respond by acknowledging the fact that my country stole there land and should therefore do what i could to allow them to form there own peaceful country.

    Who says anyone accepted the NATO bombings, thats a pretty big assumption. And plus if we look at the Serbian bombing, the middle eastern comparison would be Israeli army being bombed by NATO.

    And the Mexico/Canadian analogy is pretty weak, I dont see the yanks trying to take Mexican land and forcing them to move off that land and live in squalor.

    But yeah, the Yanks make it very easy for the Israeli's to do what they want, it's a sad indictment of the UN and western society.

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    So why do you accept Palestinians setting off bombs in the Sovereign nation of Israel ?

    Why did you accept NATO bombing the Sovereign nation of Serbia when Clinton was president ?

    Serbia was not a member of NATO.

    They had no UN approval, wasn't that an act of war ?

    Plus the obvious facts:

    Syria and Israel are still in a state of war, Syria refuses to sign a peace treaty with Israel.

    Syria initiated the last war against Israel.

    So doesn't Israel have the right of self defense to bomb Syria any time they want to ?

    When Israel bombed Iraq, Israel and Iraq were still in a state of war, Iraq refused to sign a peace treaty after the 1973 war. Making any Israeli attacks against Iraq legal under international law.

    Oh how those pesky facts just keep getting in the way.

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  • Some of the answers on here are so pathetic. Firstly Iran never threatened to wipe Israel off the map and secondly Israel is not the victim in all of this. We accept it because our media and our governments accept it. We are always told how Israel is being threatened, when in fact it is Israel doing the threatening. People need to start using alternative sources because when it comes to the mainstream media and news about Israel a lot of the actual news is not covered.

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    No doubt if we kept our nose out of other countries and the way they live we wouldn't have half the problems we have now, we had no right to go into Iraq and "free" them. The people were quite content to live as they were..democracy or not.

    As for Israel and the USA, you are 100% right. They allow Israel to do what ever they please, regardless of the consequences to the Palestinian people.

    I know I'm headed for many thumbs down, but I believe it's all about money and who has more control..and that would be the Jews, regardless of if they are in Israel or here.

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  • rivero
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    numerous brainwashed professional-Israel people in this board. they only can see one part of the conflict. Oh and you do no longer might desire to be Muslim to work out Israel for the terrorists that they are. Israel might desire to be dealt with like another terrorist usa and be bombed till they provide up their persevered murdering of their acquaintances. adequate already, yet amazingly that every time somebody says some thing against Israel they are categorised anti-Semitic or a Jew hater or reminded that Jews have been mistreated throughout WW2 or another crap like that. with the aid of fact of stuff like that it maintains to tutor Israel is a international extensive terrorist team and no-it is elementary to declare something against them, now it is frightening. the international needs to rigidity them to renounce, and bombing them is the only way Israel for sure is widely used with.

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    Ah the Litany of pro Israel banter. I'll never forget, I went to a Christmas Church service ( in a church, can you imagine?) anyway,... about half way through his rap, the Pastor put his pages down and looked out to his flock and with great Emphasis, he went into how "God had Blessed America for protecting "his" people" my wife almost had to pull me back down, he went on to make the argument that because of the Jews in Israel God had a renewed faith in his Human children... and America was to thank for it. So while we were opening our presents the following morning we should all keep a prayer in our hearts for the Children of Israel, for they truly were..Gods People.

    So it is little wonder that you would find such utter and unflagging support for Israel and her Nasty habbits... of course, If Israel can provoke Iran into reacting it would be all the excuse the Good Christians of these united states would need to level that Oil rich desert land..

    Oh what a tangled web we weave.

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    It just might have to do with the fact that these nations not only have failed to recognize Israel's right to exist, but many of them have taken steps to try to see to it that Israel does not exist.

    Last I checked, Canada wasn't doing anything to us.

    Edit: Wrong. The US has never failed to recognize the existence of Cuba. If you like, you can visit the Cuban embassy in Washington. Do you have any valid comparisons to make? (I'll answer for you: No, you really don't)

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  • LeAnne
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    Huffingtonpost is a poor source for anything but the most left wing propaganda.

    You must consider when Israel's neighbors acquire rockets, they immediately start lobbing them into Israel's cities and other populated areas.

    How would you respond to this?

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  • Chase
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    Considering that most of the nations around Israel are quite hostile to them in numerous ways (oh, like people launching rockets into crowded market places and residential neighborhoods as soon as they get their hands on them), it is either kill or be killed in many of those situations.

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