Is it the soymilk making me feel nauseous?

I feel sick.

I'm going vegan, and I haven't gotten enough protein today and yesterday, I'm sure, so that might be making me feel sick.

But also.. Earlier today I had a glass of soymilk (I don't usually drink it and I don't think I've ever had a whole cup before or anything) after that I felt a little sick, but it went away. Just a bit ago I made potato soup and replaced the milk with soymilk. (Some people on some forums I was looking through said that they make it this way.) After that I started to feel even more sick, and it hasn't gone away.

Is it the soymilk or lack of protein? I don't want to drink soymilk anymore if that's what's making me feel sick.


I'm using Plain.

Thank you for that answer, though, I'm so used to seeing complete idiots on here, that was a good one.

Update 2:

Don't worry, I'm eating a bad of nuts as I type. xD;

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    It is possible that you are just feeling under the weather. Sometimes people look for something to blame when it is just a stomach bug.

    I highly doubt that it is lack of protein, since it is very hard not to get an adequate amount(average person only needs about 50gr per day, and protein is in everything from vegetable to pastas). If you are eating a balanced diet there should be no worry about protein, and two days with less than adequate protein is not going to cause any effect.

    There is a possibility that you are allergic to soy. Soy allergies are not uncommon. Some people are fine until they take it a lot, so if you are eating soy products(soy meats, and soy milk, and many other products include soy), it may be aggravating an allergy.

    I don't think you can blame soy milk right off the bat. Wait a few days and then try soy milk again(without eating or drinking anything else). If it makes you sick again then you may have found your problem.

    There are other alternatives to soy milk, such as rice milk, oat milk, almond milk, etc, that you may want to switch to.

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    I'm a new vegan, and the first few times i tried soymilk i got nauseous, two of the times i felt so horrible i could barely move. But i was drinking vanilla soy milk, and when i switched to plain i stopped getting stomache aches. So it's probably that you're drinking a specific type of soy milk that makes you sick, or you might just need to get used to it and you'll feel better. I think you can be lactose intolerant except with soy, and if thats the case you can drink/use other alternatives like rice or almond milk.

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    You wont get sick from a lack of protein, at least not this early on. Realize that there is protein in fruits, veggies, pasta, etc! And lack of protein will not make you naseous, trust me on that. Lack of protein will cause nail and hair problems first.

    It must be the soymilk, unless its like stress or pms or something.

    soymilk is loaded with sugar, and this can give you a stomach ache. maybe your just not used to it. you could keep trying with it, it may get better

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    You should try harder to improve your protein in take. I am 3 1/2 months into being vegan and have not had either of these problems (soy milk or protein)

    Maybe you are just feeling sick.

    as to the other answerer above me lactose intolerance is a problem with digest lactose... thats only in milk. not soy.

    perhaps you are allergic to soy? but you would have this reaction to vegan veggie bugers as well and soy is also in a lot of other products as well like bread and other things consumed prior to being vegan.

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    1-3 shots on a full stomach is not a lot but, the drinks your making might be a little strong. try a flavored rum that is like 27.9% alcohol or something along those lines to maybe wean yourself back into drinking or smoke a cig before you start drinking, kills your tastebuds/throat and you can drink almost anything :)

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    I don't know but soy milk makes me gassy and a little sick to my stomach. So I guess it could be.

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    Is this your first time to try soy? You may have a soy allergy. I'd try rice milk instead.

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