Can a Navajo Indian man marry a Roman Catholic woman? ?

If he marries her, can he convert to Catholic or does she convert to Navajo?

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    + Mixed Marriages "

    The Catholic Church allows marriage between Catholics and non-baptized persons. The Non-Catholic does not have to convert. You will have to get permission from the bishop. This is because the Church recognizes the tremendous challenge you have ahead of you.

    Make an appointment with your parish priest and talk to him about your situation.

    For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, sections 1633-1637:

    + Catholic Native Americans +

    12 percent of all U.S. Native Americans are Catholics.

    With love in Christ.

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    First, why is this in the Gay section? I see the most illogical questions in this area.

    Second, sure, why not? Navajo is a Native American nation, not a religion although I'm sure they have their own religious beliefs. I don't know whether or not the Elders would insist that she convert. You'd have to ask them. No, the Navajo would not have to become a Catholic. In fact, if you don't agree with the teachings, you shouldn't. She will have to get permission from the church for the marriage, though, but that's not hard to get these days. It would be best if you visit the Elders and a priest to find out the particulars.

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    I think you mean: can a man who is a Reform Jew, marry a non Jewish woman? Can he? Yes. Should he? Well, that depends. Any children will not be Jewish, except in *some* Reform Synagogues. Judaism passes via the mother, and as here the woman is Catholic, the children won't be Jewish. Jews represent something like 0.01% of the world population - and our numbers are shrinking because of interfaith marriages where, sadly, the Jewish parent does not teach his children about their Jewish heritage. So yes, a man who is a Reform Jew can indeed marry a Catholic woman. I would hope that if he does, he makes sure his children learn about their Jewish heritage, though, even though they will not be defined as Jewish themselves.

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    Well yes...... my mother is Shennicock-Tribe Alogonquin Nation Turtle clan... my dad African American(and who knows what tribe??? the slavery thing kind of ruin records)..... Mom raised Christian(Pentacostal) My dad a former Muslim(now a born again preacher).. mom do a former Hippie dad a former Black Panther.....put it altogether and you get me and 6 others.....why should he or she convert unless your religion aint doin it fo ya...... Catholism is a dominating belief so it can become stress if you aint into worshipping Mary or bowing down to a Pope...same as being Navajo thing to do is to sit down and discuss belief's and agreements and disagreements and see if you can live with being different,,, i mean we are different anyway

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    I don't see why they can't or shouldn't get married if they love each other. If they want to marry in a church, he then technically must "convert" to Catholicism. Vice versa. It depends on what they want to do.

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    everybody can marry these days

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    niether of them convert. they're both human aren't they?

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    I'm sure they can and have

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