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Is it true that the US standard oil company sold $20,000,000 oil to IG Farben for Germans war effort on UK?


Zeitgeist claims that the Nazi's had two financial helpers: the United States and IG FARBEN, a Deutsche bank. It is claimed that the blitzkrieg which Germany orchestrated over Britain was only made possible from these financiers.

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    Standard Oil was definitely involved. A company that hasn't been mentioned by answerers above me is IBM. They worked closely with the Germans in the thirties to establish an index filing system for all residents. This was extended to countries that the Germans occupied. It was one of the main reasons why Jews were rounded up so easily for deportation. This has been documented and a book written on the subject.

    Another example is the tons of scrap metal that was sold to Japan before and after the attack on Pearl Harbour. Roosevelt put a stop to it, but no one was prosecuted. So one could summarize that a lot of Allied military personnel were killed in WWll by American metal used to make Japanese armament. Americans need to be more aware about what their corporations are up to, because it's still going on in the oil industry.

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    BP has spent around 3 bil so far on everything to do with the spill. That's around the profit they make in a single quarter of one year. Looks to me like BP unloading stuff they don't really want with these sales rather than any kind of stressed out fund raising. The 20 bil deal that the USA made with them was, to me, a good move, since the claims and lawsuits will be rolling in for many years to come and in, say 5 years time, getting fresh money out of BP would otherwise be a nightmare. The question is, will the 20 bil go where it should, or will it be skimmed by important federal agencies.

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    Standard Oil engaged in various types of cooperation and assistance with I. G Farben. As late as 1944, payments also continued to the Nazi's Keppler Circle from a Standard Oil subsidiary company.

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    All sorts of US companies did business with the Germans up until the declaration of war. Coca Cola and countless others even continued to operate detached subsidiaries in Germany during the war. Fanta was actually invented so that Coca Cola could still sell something there.

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    Probably.GM and FORD were making war equipment for the Germans int eh 2nd world war UNTIL we were brought into it.

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