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Jeremy asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Rate my Fantasy Basketball team?

How does this team look? Its a 10 team H2H league...Ive kind of been plagued with the injury bug really early :(

heres my team:

PG- Allen Iverson

SG- Paul Pierce

SF- Michael Redd

PF- Kevin Garnett

C- Andrew Bynum

UTIL- Michael Beasley

UTIL- Ray Allen

BN- Tony Parker

BN- Anthony Parker

BN- Jameer Nelson

BN- Nick Collison

BN- Ryan Gomes

Plz rate this team on a scale of 1-10 and tell me what I can/should do to improve, concerning trades, pick ups or anything...


thing is i only get 5 roster moves per week...

Update 2:

should i drop Gomes for Ronnie Brewer or Travis Outlaw?

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    You have a pretty good team, the thing you lack is big men.

    You should use Kevin Garnett for trade bait because now that he is on the Celtics he doesn't put up great Stats anymore. You should also try to give away Ray Allen because he is not consistent enough to count on.

    His FG% is in great danger and he just doesn't have the same 3point touch like he used to. Other than that you're pretty good and if you want to mess around with Bynum.

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    Yes with Redd and Parker down it is going to be tough for you. I would look to Free Agents to replace Collison and Gomes. You can add and drop several times to get the right gut and this would maximize players in your weekly match ups. Do it it frequently and you can get 7 games a week from these two roster spots.

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    i give you an 8 but because of injuries its a 7........drop gomes for outlaw and do somethin with nick collison yea with parker and redd hurt u screwed for now but make those changes and u should b good

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    8/10. You could use a PG that gets more assists and an upgrade to KG at PF.

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    I´ll give you an must get better PFs &´re gonna need me

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