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Credit card scam? l recently bought a software program on disk from a reputable company?

And the bill was 54.95 total. When l check my credit card account it's 58.99. Now l know it's not much but l spoke to the retailer directly and they confirm 54.95. So the credit card company doesn't answer their phones(on hold for hours) so online they want me to prove to them the 54.95 is right. They say they only took what the retailer charged. So now l'm thinking that if they do this to everybody(like most people wouldn't even notice that their skimming that small amount) that would add up to a fair pile of hidden funds. So now, do l push it and do what they want and"fax" it to them at that, and see if l forget about it in another 90 days or just forget about it and say it's not worth my time and the cost of the fax? l think that's what their counting on. what do you think? Also, far fetched but this is the internet and could it be possible that someone intercepted the transaction and added the extra $$ hoping nobody would notice?

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    Are you sure that there wasn't some sort of tax applied to the transaction?

    58.99 is just about perfect for a 7% sales tax on 54.95. Even so, it's not dead-on perfect.

    You really should pursue this matter for yourself and for all those who will follow after you. Someone could be committing fraud, and it takes everyone one of us watching diligently over such matters to halt the evil schemes of those who do such things

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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    This could be one of two things. Either that is their shipping cost and you haven't taken it into account or it's their test charge. Some online companies do a test charge (usually 1-5 dollars) on your account to make sure it's valid. They return the amount in full.

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    Sure it was not 54.95 + VAT.

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    I dunno who you have for a card company, you might be able to dispute it online. I did, and Chase gave me a courtesy credit til the issue was resolved.

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