Sending toffee within Canada?

Does anyone know where I can find decent toffee (not Mackintosh's) in Canada for a gift? I live in England and my dad lives in Canada. I don't want to pay Royal Mail the exorbitant fees just to send a box of toffee to him! I'd like to order from within Canada and have them post it to his address. Any ideas?


Maybe I didn't make it clear. I live in the UK, but I want a Canadian company to send toffee to my dad at a Canadian address. Therefore, the company would not be local to me.

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    Go with Purdy's!!!! They have great chocolates and I know they do a toffee as well. My fave is the Chocolate Chewie - it's a big hunk of toffee with almonds covered in chocolate!!! They are a Vancouver based company and ship worldwide so you might want to order some for yourself too!!! LOL They do not have a store in my province but each time I swing into Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary, I pick up crazy amounts for family and friends!! He won't be disappointed!! Best wishes!

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    I would google canadian toffee shops and see which ones deliver

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    Call your local candy shop

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