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How many episodes is there in total of Death Note?

I just started to watch it and its getting interesting, I am wondering how many episodes there is to watch

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    There are 37 episodes. HOWEVER, there is a Death Note: R and a Death Note: R2 (the "R" stands for "rewrite", if I'm correct.), which are special episodes of Death Note. They're about an hour or more long I think.....In the episodes, it pretty much goes through the whole series along with edited scenes and added ones too. I have no clue if there's going to be more or not. P= To my current knowledge, there's only two special episodes.

    Oh, and by the way, there's not a lot of subbed versions of R and R2 (again, to my current knowledge). I watched a RAW version of R2.

    To add to all of that, there are the Death Note movies with Japanese actors, etc.

    Enjoy the rest of the series. =DDD

    Source(s): I'm a Death Note fan, and I've finished the series. =]
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    there are 37 episodes of death note, and there are 3 movies: Death Note and Death Note: The Last name. there is a spin-off film after these two movies: L: Change the World

    that was such an awesome anime!!!

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    there are 37 episodes of Death Note in total and one movie

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    there are 37 episodes total. Go to this website to watch them all in english or japanese!

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    If you like Dn when you finish it make sure to check out Code Geass! It's the best and like Dn <3

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    has all the ep and 3 different movies have fun!

    its the best anime ever

    37 eo and 3 movies

    1 movie is remake........go to the link

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