Hi, I have a laptop with XP which I want to format but the DVD drive doesn't work. So how do i go about this ?

Can i just use fdisk and wipe out everything and if so, how do i reinstall the OS ? I do have an external DVD drive but I don't think it will be recognised without an OS :p

So, what do i do ? The laptop is very old and has malware which i have tried in vain to remove properly....any ideas will be appreciated.


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    Is the drive seen in bios? Is it seen in device manager? It is likely an issue of corrupted registry. type"upper lower filters" in google and it will help if your drive is good, but your OS doesn't think it is.

    Yes you can wipe out the OS, but try that trick first or try uninstalling all burning software and codec packages. Then manually install your nero, sonic or roxio, check for updates to the "PXE engine" (just go to their "updates" website).

    If you can reinstall using the manufacturers hidden partition, it is easier because you will have all your drivers installed fresh (they still need updates, but it will be as good as when it originally shipped). Call your mfgr and ask for the keystroke combination for a factory image. Do not think that "free movies or free music" from the internet are free, you pay for it with loast data and a ton of frustration.

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    Just buy a new CD drive, they are only about 20-40 dollars and an optical drive is a key component for a computer. If you still do not want to buy a CD drive, then google search

    "how to install XP without disk"

    and you should get some good results and I know there is a way to do it.

    Good Luck.

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