39 weeks and 2 days preg and so much eager to go to labor need help from moms?

i am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant and i am having very restless nights .with alot of hand and foot swelling .+ a killing back ach and a worse feeling to meet my son .i know all this is normal at his point but it is my first baby and my gyno is not discussing any thing indetail with me

she didnt even meger my utreus through whole pregnancy till now .and neither she did any internal exam to check how many cms in am diluted ..

i had a last ultrasound on 35 weeks which shows head down position .and wait of approx 6 pounds at that time.how could i know that i am diluted or near to labour with no information given by my gyno.

i thought like i am not near to labour .i am having very mild brotox hicks for last couple of days but they r not present know...

and one more thing i am feeeling worse light headness these days

an reason .

i need help speacilally from already mooms

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    i feel your pain i am 36 weeks and i am so done with the restless, sleepless nights swelling and people saying whoa you like like your ready to pop! but unfortuley there is no way to tell whether you are near labor that is something that comes as a surprise to everyone unless your induced! so all i can say is try to enjoy your last days of pregnancy

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  • 1 decade ago

    You need to be asking questions and tell your doctor that she needs to tell you more... Most likely she thinks you already know about everything, cuz you probably haven't been asking many questions,,,,, When I was 39 weeks along I went through everything you did, but I also had tons of pelvic pain which hurt like hell, and the baby was head down at 30 weeks. Talk about 11 weeks of pain... lol But yea just talk to your doctor, I'm sure she won't have a problem with answering a few of your questions...

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  • 4 years ago

    I had an analogous themes as you some months decrease back. I phoned my midwife on the time as i became paranoid that there became some thing incorrect. She defined to me that it became probable in basic terms my body adjusting and that i wasnt as bloated anymore. besides I dont want to dissatisfied you or frighten you yet when I went for my routine 13 week experiment they advised me that one among my twins had died at 11 weeks. Im no longer confident if between the twins dieing had some thing to do with my abdomen shrinking i imagine I in basic terms knew deep down that some thing wasnt suited. I want you all the finest of success and please in case you imagine there is a few thing no longer suited insist on a experiment or to make sure a record, you're the mummy and prefer me a moms instinct seems suited xx

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