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Romantic Dinner for teenagers?

me and my ex boyfriend of 15 months broke up, we JUST got back together and i wanted to make him a Special dinner. I had the idea of chocolate mouse and whipped topping for dessert and non accoholic wine.. but i dont know what to do for the main meal, it cant be too difficult or exspensive. thanks!

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    Chicken or Seafood gumbo. It's really easy to make.

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    I think you have a great idea... maybe you can pick up some pizza dough from a local pizzeria and make a heart shaped pizza for two!

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    Humble pie and a side of crow.

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    well you casn choose:

    1. Rice

    2. fancy Pasta


    4. pizza

    5. or why dont you just go to a restaurant

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    1 decade ago

    You should make lasagna it is a good meal and its not hard to make.

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    How about crow! He will never break up again!

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