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i need to write an essay on how todays pop music has been affected by the rock music of the past? i need to write a 4-5 paragraph essay. plz help :):)

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    todays pop music is kind of removed from traditional rock n roll

    but it wouldn't be here if not for rock.

    the same way rock evolved from the blues.

    now do some lookin back in the fifties when chuck berry, elvis, jerry lee lewis, buddy holly, eddie cochrane... and how most of the britest rock stars died in tragic accidents towards the end of the decade...

    they were the original rule breakers and hit-makers and they had made rock threatening and sexual for the american and british public by throwing african rhythyms and space age tones together... now when they died, were enlisted, imprisoned etc. there was a huge gap in the scene and indeed pop music.

    Then the early sixties were upon us and folks like jimmy v and frankie avalon were making the whole good looks+safe song+a little dance go further than it had ever before.... that bubblegum pop evolved into our pop of today whether you can believe it or not.

    Think del shannon in "little runaway"

    then of course the british invasion came in 1964-65 and the beatles with their good looks+good songs+good vibe melded the whole pop of the sixties with the instrumental rock of the fifties, this was repeated with the siccess of the ventures, the rolling stones, the who etc.

    then america fired back with homegrown sons like the beach boys, **** dale and the del-tones etc.

    enter the hippie era a few years later and popular music became floaty and harmonious... acts like the blue cheer, the jimi hendrix experience, jefferson airplane, and the doors blew peoplkes minds and topped the charts

    That movement was effectiviely silenced by the doom and working class feeling of the early seventies with bands like black sabbath,etc.

    aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddd then

    late seventies belonged to the children of rock,soul,dance, and pop.

    DISCO...yea disco ruled... for a time, then the punk spirit blew through with acts like the sex pistols, the new yourk dolls, the ramones etc. all the nonsense of the glam rock and disco was effectiviely swept away, then we roll to the eighties which branched the pop music into the platinum selling glam metal of motley crue, poison, and ratt, then the pop pop pop of prince, madonna, and mj.

    we grew tired of that as a people and with nirvana hitting in the early nineties we moved into simplified everything, grunge and rap became the calling and of course we followed.

    then for no explicable reason other than trying to get laid... boy bands and jail bait ruled the airwaves... you know who im talking about, they couldnt sing, but the great thing about modern pop is that we've hears enough singing and now we wanna look at hot teenagers... or do we?

    the hype over catholic schoolgirl uniforms simmered down and our great wannabe rapper craze hit, not good looking, not very musical, and not even dancing it jjust was appropriate we restart with emo and disney themed groups taking the throne form there in repects. now mind you this isn't about just charts... it's album sales and you cant find a rapper who can touch the jonas brothers or metallica or led zeppelin, thats because rock will always be buried down somewhere deep inside pop.

    that work?

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    1 decade ago

    First of all, I don't think 4-5 para is enough. I can give you a rough guideline. First of all, you need to point out that rock music is all about playing live and performing live, as oppose to using samples (programmed sounds and instrumentation). Then you can discuss a little bit about how many rock bands (Def Lepperd for example) composed rock ballads, which are by definition rock numbers, but they achieved fair amount of mainstream popularity. Now you can cite Queen as an example of a rock band that achieved worldwide popularity. As a result of rock bands getting popular people started to get used to a lot of rock elements in songs (for example, semi-distorted guitar tone, acoustic drums) Then you can go on to examine some contemporary pop records that have used these rock elements despite the songs are essentially being pop and intended for this kind of audience. I think the bottom line is that pop music is gradually embracing acoustic instrumentation. And that is the major effect of rock music on today's pop.

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  • 3 years ago

    a million. 3 Nineteen Fifties rock bands or communities (undecided if there's a distinction) -> the version is between Rock and Doo ***. Doo *** had a "group" concentration, ordinarily on the singers. Rock placed an emphasis on bands moreso because of the fact the instrumentation + vocals have been the two substantial. 3 communities: Coasters, Del Vikings, Drifters 2. the 300 and sixty 5 days the communities have been formed (see wiki) 3. which individuals of the group performed which tool (see wiki) 4 the communities.4 hit songs (wiki) 5. the individuals nationality (same) 6. what proportion individuals interior the communities (same) - why replaced into song so substantial to action picture: that is basically as substantial now because it that is ever been and it replaced into substantial previous to Nineteen Fifties. that's certainly asking what the region of song is in video clips. - what proportion #a million hits did Elvis Presley produce in his existence time (wiki) -why did the older generations of the Nineteen Fifties did no longer like rock and roll: greater complicated. examine the common components. First, each and every previous era dislikes the present era's song tastes. 2d, rock had a racial ingredient. third, it replaced into undemanding to play (in assessment to what had constantly been customary as song). Fourth, many basically chanced on the sound of it to be grating. 5th, the lyrics reported adjustments in mores that elder generations have been apprehensive approximately.

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