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Al qaeda hates Obama. The GOP hates Obama. Is this consensus?

If all the fundamentalist extremists hate the guy, he must be good for the rest of us.

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    I hate to agree with you but yeah, I think this is a good sign that we made the right choice on November 4th.

    Al-quaeda and the GOP have one thing in common, both are out of touch and listen too much to fundamentalists. I have hope for the GOP to toss that element out but it will take time.

    But let's be clear, the comparison ends there.... the GOP is not our enemy.... Al-quaeda is.

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    Al Qaeda hates Americans. Does this not prove it to you? It doesn't matter who was elected President. Al Qaeda hates us all liberals, conservatives, libertarians, etc. They hated us before Bush and now they will hate us after Bush. Everyone said that when Bush was gone everyone will love us and there will be no more terrorism. It shows how ignorant and naive they are.

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    Yes for sure, i do not see a difference between al qaeda (extremists muslims) and republican (extremists christan) they both want everyone to become like them.

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    The al Queda LEADERSHIP would prefer an inflammatory President like John McCain.

    That is a strategy that is as old as war itself. The leader of any militia always wants the opposition to have the most inflammatory figurehead possible to enrage their troops and make them fight harder.

    The LAST THING al Queda wants is for the U.S. to have a leader who is capable of improving our reputation in the world, as well as bringing together a REAL coalition to root out terrorists whenever and wherever they coalesce.

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    the Europeans like Obama because of the fact he's black and a liberal. it quite is all. they have a arrogant sense of superiority over usa. think of approximately this: while will France choose for an Arab president? while will Britain choose for a Pakistani or Jamaican PM? they gained't. yet they label usa "racist." it quite is why the Euro love for Obama insects me.

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    Yes the people who hate Obama hate America. They are friends of terrorists.

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    "If all the fundamentalist extremists hate the guy, he must be good for the rest of us."

    Right on, my brother...

  • Fundamentalists are fundamentalists whether they are Christians or Muslims.

    This tape exposes how much the GOP has in common in the way they talk about our president elect and view his leadership.

    They both hate America. Its disgusting.

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    I'd say you're on to something there........

    Osama hates the guy, and the GOP hates the guy........

    makes sense to me. Intelligent people seem to have no problem with Obama!!!

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    Sounds about right

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