Any Y&R fans......(sneek peek)?

wasn't today's ep. good. adam just doesn't learn. nor jack. wait til they get what's coming to them. i started liking jack but now i don't feel sorry for him in the least. but when victor was talking to adam in the jail - i was scared for him! don't mess with victor.

and by the way...don't miss tomorrow's ep. i live in canada so i had to watch it today. i couldn't wait. i'm not going to ruin it for you all but i'll just say that Misses C's will is read and Jill is not a happy camper to say the least. I thought she was going to fall dead on the floor. and there is also a surprise visit from a past member of the family that i hope stays on for a while.

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    girl you are so wrong, I won't sleep a wink tonight, I did see Nina at the funeral, maybe she and Danny will be staying a while. thanks

    Katherine continues to struggle with her memory

    Ghost John pays a visits to his children and gives them advice. He also visits Gloria

    Mitchell reads Katherine's will to her family and friends. Brock gets 1% of the estate in trust and is to be named Chariman of the Chancellor Foundation. Danny and Gina get 1/2 of 1% to each of them in cash. Esther gets 1/10 of 1% in trust as well as 50% ownership of the Chancellor Estate, which shocks Jill and Esther. Nikki gets the jewellery. Cane, Billy, Mac and Phillip get 1/4 of 1% in trust. Amber gets 1/5 of 1% in trust as well as the rights the memoirs. Jill gets the remainder of the estate as well as continuing to run Chancellor Industries. Gloria gets a vase and 5% of the Jabot stock. Jill is pissed!

    Gloria and Jeff return to the Abbott mansion giving Jack the good news about the Jabot stock

    Jill lashes out at Amber, leading Amber to change her mind about publishing the memoirs

    Next - Billy asks Chloe why she doesn't tell Cane the truth that they were once involved; Cane sees Billy and Lily hugging; Jack tries to convince Ashley to hand over her proxy so they can get Jabot back

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    I am so anxious to hear the will read.Can't wait to see Jill's bubble busted.

    Sometimes I feel bad for Adam because Jack has used him, but he should have know better, especially when Jack would never be at any of the meeting. I think Phylis is going to take them down after the phone call from Mexico today.

    Wonder how long Ashley will be around. Am sure her and Nikki will go at it.

    I hope when the will is read that Ester will be included. Hope she gets Miss C part of the mansion and Jill cannot make her move out.

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    OMG I am so excited about the reading of the will, I hope it's Mackenzie who is the surprise visit.

  • I know right .... I Live in US - But have a friend who sends me the Canadian show just so I can see .... I cannot beleive ...she gave that to her. It was great - had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Oh and I think they will stay.

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  • Sugar
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    1 decade ago

    Good for her, wait until Misses C really shows up It will blow her mind. I have been wondering How long it will take.

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    don't care as long as Sharon and Nick get back together, that is fine with me. Philiys finally got what is coming to her, she finally knows what its like being cheated on.

  • Sue B
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    1 decade ago

    Thanks I have been waiting for the will to be read. :~)

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