Bold and the Beautiful?

Is Ridge and Brooke going to ever get married? What do you think of Katie and Nick? Does anyone else think Rick is a JERK? AHH I am going crazy! OHH, and who is Eric going to choose?

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    1. The Ridge and Brooke storyline is driving me insane. They are always breaking up, someone always comes between them. If they're going to get married I wish they would do it already but I want Ridge and Taylor back together, I love them together.

    2. I like Katie and Nick together but it's going to end just like every other relationship of Nick's. Nick really only has an eye for one girl only and that's Brooke. I hope Katie realizes that and moves on.

    3. I hate Rick, he's acting like a spoiled vengeful brat. I think the writer's need to do something else with his character than this. On yesterday's show he said he's going to get close to Steffy (Ridge's daughter) to try and make Ridge angry. You know Ridge had a huge problem when Rick dated Phoebe, I imagine he'll go crazy if Rick starts dating Steffy but that could be hott storyline.

    4. I hope Eric chooses Stephanie, I've always been a Stephanie fan and I love her and Eric together. Donna or Donna Ho as some of the B&B fans who dislike her call her is too young for Eric and she comes across as a gold-digger to me. I think Donna and Owen make a hott couple and I hope they end up together.

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    I HATE Brooke....hope she gets everything she deserves for all the people she has hurt over the years, and loses her part on the show completely. I love Ridge and Taylor together. Katie and Nick...not sure....somehow seems Katie not pretty enough, and maybe they will put Brooke back with Nick after all.....just put her ANYWHERE except with Ridge....he is much too smart to stay with that wh.....e. Eric, in the end, has to end up with Stephanie....she is so much smarter and civilized and sophisticated than that other Logan, Donna.....would love to see her off the show too. Stephanie deserves to win Eric, after all she has had to put up with in that family....especially putting up with Brooke!

    And, yes.....Rick is a total jerk right now....never saw him that way before.....the writers are sure making him out to be one now, though.

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    1 decade ago

    I hope Ridge and Brooke get married.

    Katie and Nick make a weird couple. I don't really like them paired together.

    I am so sick of Rick. Too bad he just doesn't go away. He is an ******.

    I'm not sure who Eric will choose. I think I would rather have him be with Stephanie.

  • Who knows when Ridge and Brooke are going to get married or if Brooke will get pregnant with another man. Rick has been acting like a jerk. Eric needs to make a decision and stick to it and so does Ridge.


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    i dont know if ridge and brooke ever going to get married and i tune in week after week to see if they are ever going to tie the knot. also, i dont like katie and nick together either, and katie is such a home wrecker. i mean look at how she is all over nick when she betrayed bridget like that (she makes me sick). rick is a jerk, point blank and i hate that he is acting this way especially with that mean look on his face. i actually want eric to pick donna, but since he set up a camera where donna and owen are working together, i think donna will do something inappropriate with owen (at least kiss him) and she will lose him.

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    I hope eric catches that skank donna on spy cam.. Haha I am tired of ridge/brooke. Where's pammy? Rick needs to stop it. Hahaha the drama the drama

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    Hell yes, Rick is a big time jerk!! I feel that Donna and Owen will not be able to keep their feelings for each other in check, and somehow l think she will find out what Eric is up to and she may walk out on him.

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    desire. She dumped Liam via fact she observed him making out with yet another lady. isn't that reason adequate to call off an engagement? i don't see why desire thinks letting him pass substitute right into a mistake. i'm getting she nonetheless loves him yet fairly, how a lot did he love her by using kissing somebody else, not to point marrying them in decrease than 24 hours after your previous engagement. I enjoyed how desire stood her floor to Ridge, calling him out on questioning she substitute into his daughter too & labeling him as "RIDGE". confident, Liam & Steffy are married yet Ridge's view does not look so undesirable if he hadn't made excuses for Steffy: "She substitute into basically attempting to guard her engagement". So Ridge, you do not care approximately desire being trapped like an animal as long as Steffy is satisfied? & the place substitute into Ridge while Steffy substitute into interfering in desire & LIAM'S ENGAGEMENT. i did not see him grilling Steffy approximately messing with people's relationships like he performed so truthfully to wish. If this would not tutor you procedures he fairly perspectives desire. confident, desire has set herself in this intense pedestal of morals & values however the way she stood her floor to Ridge substitute into large & i like this new area of her exhibiting. i like desire & Thomas mutually yet i might % to be sure Steffy's karma: desire.

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    I wouldn't know. I dont get that show in Tulsa.

    Source(s): Sounds like it could be interesting....
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