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Penn vs. St. Pierre who has better stand-up, jj, stamina etc. who wins?


yes, personally I think St. Pierre will be to much for BJ to handle

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    Stand-up: hard to say. St. Pierre is more versitile, and has a longer reach. Penn seems to be a bit more efficient, in that he tends to do more damage per shot. I call it even.

    Wrestling: the edge definitely goes to GSP here. However Penn has excellent TD defense. I'm not sure this will come into play until the later rounds.

    Ground-and-pound: gonna give the edge to GSP here, too. Not that Penn is bad at it, but GSP just mauls guys.

    BJJ/submissions: definitely Penn. Not only is he more skilled, but his flexibility adds to his effectiveness here.

    Strength: GSP, no contest.

    Stamina: also goes to GSP, although Penn has improved in this area lately. I just think GSP is far more athletic, and the longer the fight goes, the better chance he'll have.

    Speed: GSP. Again, his athleticism is apparent.

    Flexability: Penn, no contest.

    Strategy: this is the biggest question mark. Even a fighter who's down in all attributes can win a fight with a superior gameplan. That said, Penn hasn't really shown me a very versitile game plan. It seems to me like he fights more on emotion. St-Pierre, on the other hand, can beat you standing or on the ground, with strikes or submissions, with wrestling or karate. I'm giving St-Pierre the edge here.

    I like Penn. He'll fight anyone in any weight class and seems almost genetically pre-programed to fight. However, I think the physical and technical attributes of GSP will be too much for him. Not counting him out, but GSP is the favorite.

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    I think St. Pierre has an advantage if he can overwhelm BJ in the standup game right from the start, and he'll probably have the overall edge in strength and endurance (especially considering that BJ is packing the pounds back on for the fight).

    JJ goes to Penn, so if he can weather an initial storm (depending on St. Pierre's gameplan) I think it's very possible that he could catch him with something.

    Either way, it should no doubt be an exciting fight..

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    Stand Up: St. Pierre - Longer reach and better striking.

    Take Downs: St Pierre - His percent of take downs is very high. Took Jon Fitch down numerous times

    Take Down Defense: St Pierre - I think his take down defense percent is higher than his take down.

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Penn - St Pierre has it and it great at it. but I think Penn is a little better at it.

    Conditioning: St Pierre - St. Pierre will not stop. He pushed around Fitch for 25 min and still looked like he could have gone 5 more rounds

    Prediction: St Pierre TKO 2nd or 3rd Round

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    Their stand up games will be about even. BJ will have the advantage on the ground with Jiu-Jitsu. Rush will have the advantage in stamina and speed. At Rush's weight class, my pick will be St. Pierre to win by 3rd or 4th round TKO.

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    GSP will win because he has more tools.Strenght,conditioning,kicks,take downs,take down defense,wrestling.Plus he seems to be pretty determined to put an end to the BS that BJ won the first fight.He took him down several times in the last round not just once.He has also become way better since then.Too much is being made of Penn's jujitsu.GSP's wrestling can negate this.

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    Ah man no doubt they both are well versed in the mma game, but pierre would have control of the fight. Standing and on the ground pierre is stronger, but i am surely not discrediting penns tactical jiu jitsu or his ability to bring the pain.

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    BJ has more balls when it comes to stand up, he's not afraid to stay in the pocket and trade, he beat GSP standing last time, he will do it again, so what makes you think GSP isn't going to go for the take downs again this time? I still like GSP because the way I see it is they are both excellent fighters except GSP is bigger and stronger.

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    st pierre in everything. i think he will knock bj out. hes gonna come into this fight like in insane man like when he fought serra the second time and completely dominate.

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    did you guys forget bj won the first round of there last fight, then he gassed out. but now that he's taking fighting serious, nothing can stop him.

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