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Just how complicit in the drug trade are the cops and government --- ? Or are they ?

Prince Harry caught smoking pot

( no charges laid )

Bush an "EX" coke head --- no charges laid , no investigation

Clinton - Trudeau , and others ---

From the top levels of the world to the bottom - and right now on your corner on your street right now - this instant


Could this happen without the complitiness of police and government ?

And no I am not talking about the literal c.o.p. (constable on patrol )

I am going up a little further in the food chain than that ---


Or are they as helpless to prevent is as all that - Prince Harry and Bush right down to your street - ?


Oh and someone please tell me that

Bush Clinton and others were dragged into a room left to beg to go to the washroom and threatened left and right -

"Tell us who your supplier is "

Tell me a grizzled old Sgt lent on these people a little bit -

And then at the end said "Just doing by job Sir "

Go ahead -

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    Directly... probably not very complicit. Indirectly the war on drugs has been used as a means of social control since forever. Drugs which are popular amongst the lower classes are declared illegal. Drugs which become popular amongst the upper classes eventually get pot.

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    During Nam', it was called Air America. Cops are the biggest Pot Heads (Thank God, they have a fcuking tough job), Drug companies Import Cocaine and Opium to make the Drug they sell us, so it's a "what ever dude".


    I need a toke!

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    Lol, I dunno where you are getting at, but I wish I could digitally pass this doob to you, so you could chill out!

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