Looking for an "intelligent" caller ID?

This is what I ultimately want to have: Incoming call - caller identification (number only) - compare this with a list of numbers I (manually) had entered. If the calling number matches one on the list, then change the ring tone, or give me a logic output I can do something (audible) with.

The idea is, that I do not have to run to the phone, find my glasses, look at the caller ID display, compare it with my list, only to find out that it is that resort company yet again.....(for example).

PC based solutions have the disadvantage that the PC must be powered up.

Does that exist, or what can you suggest?

I have sufficient electronics knowledge to build one, but why re-invent the wheel if the concept already exists - actually, I'm too lazy.... ;-)


The problem with talking ID is that it only says the name. But most "undesirable" calls have no name, only a number.

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    1 decade ago
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    The Panasonic DECT 6.0 phones do this.

    I have the KX-TG9332 set and I can program associated ring tones for all my contacts in the phone.

    The online catalogs don't mention this feature, but it is there.

    I use the different ringtones for just that reason you mention - to identify different callers by ringtone.



  • joe r
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    1 decade ago

    not an exact match for what you are asking, but perhaps you should look into getting a phone with talking caller ID, panasonic makes a bunch of models like this, when a call comes in, a voice says the name of the person calling (from the CID info)

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    1 decade ago

    I am willing to buy the IP if you can really engineer one ; the concept is simple but the intelligence is similar to what is embedded in Mobile handsets - just replication will do the job with a non-volatile memory sufficiently large enough to hold as many tables with related variables as one desires. You need to get approved as of the hardware architecture with a conceptual summary if you are proceeding.<IAAI.IT@gmail.com>

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