Sugar Free Treat & Fudge Recipes?

Hi everyone! I am looking for a recipe that is sugar free, and ESPECIALLY aspartame free. I am making different types of fudge as gifts for my boyfriend's immediate family for Christmas (his request, not mine!!!), and his niece LOVES sweets. Obviously they prefer not to give her tons of sweets because they are bad for her, so I was wondering if anyone had any recipes? Something soft like cookies is ideal, no hard candy recipes, she's 1 and a half. I want to make her something healthy, sugar substitute free, and sweet.

Second, I would like tested fudge recipes!! I need a recipe for peanut butter fudge (with the marshmallow fluff), regular chocolate fudge, and diabetic fudge. I am aware there are recipes on the internet, but I'm hoping someone has actually attempted a recipe and got great compliments! Please keep in mind, I've never made it before...nothing TOO difficult!!

Please let me know! Thanks everyone, happy holidays!

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    Here is a Sugar Free Holiday Fudge Recipe that my friend Clara taught me


    1/4 cup butter

    2 ounces unsweetened chocolate

    24 (1 g) packets Splenda

    8 ounces cream cheese

    1 teaspoon vanilla

    1/2 cup chopped pecans (if there are nut allergies you can omit this)

    1)Melt butter in small saucepan, or microwave.

    2)Stir in chocolate until melted.

    3) Add Splenda and vanilla, mixing well.

    4) Combine cream cheese and chocolate mixture until it is completely mixed; may use the mixer if you want.

    5) Stir in chopped pecans.

    6)Spread in an 8-inch square pan that has been greased well with butter.

    7)Refrigerate until firm and cut into 1-inch squares. Store in refrigerator.

    Peanut butter fudge

    3 cups sugar (for sugar free use 3 cups of splenda)

    1 cup butter

    1 cup peanut butter

    2/3 cup evaporated milk

    7 ounces marshmallow cream

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    1. Place the sugar, butter and evaporated milk in the saucepan.

    2. Heat on medium until the mixture reaches about 240 degrees

    3. Remove from heat.

    4. Stir in the peanut butter, marshmallow cream and vanilla until the mixture is smooth.

    5. Pour into greased baking dish

    6. Chill in the refrigerator until the fudge is firm.

    7. Cut into 1 1/2-inch squares before serving.

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